Real Estate in Windsor: Cost Effective Ways to Update your Kitchen

Posted in General Blog | 01/02/2012

Real Estate in Windsor

Real Estate in Windsor

As with all real estate in Windsor, it is a common fact that even a few simple improvements to a kitchen can provide a much needed boost to those homeowners ready to sell their home.  For many buyers, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Updating this room can pay off when it comes time to sell a home.  So it’s not surprising that most home improvements are focused on the kitchen.

What do potential buyers like to see in a kitchen? In a nutshell,  modern appliances and décor, especially in older homes.  When you view real estate ads, it is very noticeable how many mention, “updated kitchen.”  This is because it is a very high selling point with buyers.  But do you need to spend an arm and a leg to create such a kitchen?  Surprisingly, no.  So what can sellers do to create a more modern kitchen without breaking the bank?

1.  Improve the lighting scheme.  Get rid of fluorescent lighting and create ceiling-mounted fixtures or recessed cans, which create an overall illumination of the room.  Accent lighting creates drama and can draw to a kitchen’s architectural details, particularly if it is an older home where such details can be charming and attractive to buyers.

2.  Replace dated countertops.  Granite is a top choice among home buyers but can prove costly.  Consider replacing only a portion of the countertop as mixing finishes is trendy right now.  Go with a neutral color when selecting countertops and select self-installed granite tiles as a backsplash.  For a look at less than $1,000, you now have a kitchen that buyers will covet.

3. If your appliances don’t match, consider ordering new doors or face panels from the manufactures.  Stainless steel is very popular and can be as simple as removing a few screws and replacing the dated with the popular.

4.  Paint.  Get rid of any wallpaper and dated colors and replace with a neutral color.

5.  Replacing cabinets can be extremely expensive and at a cost sellers do not want to incur.  Therefore, consider refacing the cabinets you have.  There are companies that will remove cabinet doors and drawers and replace at a price considerably less than new.  If this proves to be too costly, replace the hardware.  Keep in mind though, a 1970’s kitchen with new cabinet hardware will only highlight that you have an outdated kitchen.  Pick and choose your upgrades carefully.

Refurbishing your tired kitchen is a guaranteed way to create more interest in your home.  These simple steps can be done quickly and are cost effective for any real estate in Windsor. 

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