Repair Advice For First Time Windsor Home Owners

Posted in Buyer Blog | 24/03/2014

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

Are you a first time Windsor home owner?  Chances are your home may have taken a beating with our cold winter.  With freezing temperatures, strong winds and snow, our homes have endured tough conditions and now is the time to take a look around and see what needs to be repaired or replaced before the problems get worse and more expensive.

1.  Roofing/Gutters:

Homeowners should check for missing shingles, structural damage, ice dams and frozen gutters thanks to Old Man Winter.  These are common problems, especially ice dams, which are caused when snow melts and forms again as ice at the edge of a roof.  This prevents gutters from draining properly and allows the ice to flow under the roof creating expensive damage.

2.  Pipes:

We have all heard of frozen pipes and the damage it can create.  When temperatures get below-freezing, pipes will freeze and may burst thanks to improper insulation.  Water can’t flow and homeowners will be unable to access any water.  Immediate action will be needed and again, this is costly depending on the damage.

3.  Fallen or damaged trees:

It’s common that trees and limbs will fall and damage a home and power lines during snow and wind storms.  If a homeowner detects a damaged tree, it’s best to contact a tree-removal service to get their opinion if removal is necessary or if trimming the bushes will be sufficient.

4.  Siding:

When siding is blown away by a storm, the home’s inner siding is exposed to the outside elements, which can lead to mold.  Not only that, pests are more than happy to find warmth if these areas have an opening big enough to make a home.  It is necessary to make these repairs as quickly as possible.  Don’t wait until the weather turns warmer as the problem will only grow worse and be more expensive.

5.  Leaks and structural issues:

Leaks should never be ignored since once again, mold and pests and bigger issues will follow close behind.  It is also important that after every storm, homeowners check their attics and basements for any water.

6.  Furnaces/heaters:

The last thing any homeowner wants to discover is that their heating unit is broken just as a cold front is on its way.  During our long winter months, our furnaces are often pushed to the limit.  If you notice that certain rooms are not warming efficiently you may have a leak or some type of inefficiencies.  Call a professional heating company immediately to discover the problem while keeping in mind that it’s not unheard of to wait for an appointment as everyone seems to suffer some heating malfunction during the coldest time of the year.  Better yet, sign up for service checks in the fall and spring to keep your unit in good working order.

Finally, the month of March can be tricky for Windsor Ontario homeowners.  We never really can predict the weather, however, keep in mind that when it does warm up, here are some home maintenance ideas to keep your home in good condition while ridding it of musty household smells.

1.  Clean up front entry:  Not only does this add curb appeal to a home, but you are protecting your investment in your home.  Check steps and porches for wood rot and peeling paint.  Wash away winter dirt and grime.  Remove all dead plants from pots and consider repainting the front door once the weather is warmer for a fresh, updated look.

images-202.  Clean the garbage disposal, replace/clean garbage cans:  Let’s face it, with our homes closed up for the past several months, we may not notice odors that float around these days.  Clean out the garbage disposal by pouring a cup of vinegar into an ice-cube tray, and filling the rest of tray with water.  Put in freezer and once frozen, grind them up in disposal.  Now is also a time to clean out garbage cans or replace those that have seen better days.  Take outside and sprinkle baking soda inside can while filling with hot water.  Scrub clean then let it air dry outside before bringing back in.   Also, this is an excellent time to clean out your refrigerator as well with warm, soapy water before rinsing and drying well.


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