Resolution #5 Sellers Need To Make Repairs For Windsor Property

Posted in General Blog | 05/12/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

Here we go as day number 5 is upon us and we continue our resolutions for those thinking of selling or buying a Windsor property in 2013.

We have already discussed the importance of finding a professional real estate agent, setting the right price and preparing your home for sale.  Today, the next step that is necessary for sellers is to make the needed repairs to your Windsor home.

First of all, take into consideration that every house needs repairs.  As we all know, there is no such thing as a perfect house, even if your home is new construction.  Before your home goes on the market, consider getting a professional home inspection.  While it’s true a buyer will get one as well once their offer is accepted, getting your own inspection prior to listing your property is a good head start in making repairs yourself if you have the time, money and inclination.  Once the repairs are made, the inspection, along with the repair receipts, can show that the home is in good condition.  If your home is move in ready, then there is an excellent chance buyers will take note, as they tend to ignore homes that need lots of work.

Here are some of the top repairs a seller should make before listing the property.  Many of these are inexpensive and easy to do.

1.  Fix screen doors

Sagging screen doors do not create a very good first impression to homebuyers.  In fact, make sure everything at the entrance of the home is in working order such as light fixtures and doorbells.  Also, a fresh coat of paint on the front door goes a long way if your door has seen better days.  Another excellent idea is to update the hardware if necessary.

2. Clean the roof:

One of the first things a buyer looks at when they get out of the car is to give the roof of a home a quick glance.  Nothing sends a warning flag to a buyer like a roof that has missing shingles and hanging gutters.  Get a roofer to replace any that are gone and clean moss off the roof if necessary.  Make sure only professionals work on your roof  as amateurs can further damage it by using a high pressure power washer that can only make matters worse.

3.  Clear gutters:

It’s a good idea to clean out your gutters before buyers look at your home.  Make sure all water can flow freely and the downspouts are facing the right direction and securely attached to the home.

4.  Patch nail holes:

Take an afternoon and walk around your home and patch up nail holes in the walls.  Go to your local hardware store and ask for lightweight putty and apply with a putty knife.  Follow the directions and then repaint.  If a hole is bigger than a nail hole, consider hiring a professional if needed.  Often larger holes are harder to blend into the wall and this signals to the buyer that you may be trying to hide something.

5.  Replace damaged flooring:

If your flooring is damaged, scratched, or maybe the carpeting is dirty and stained, then it will need to be repaired or perhaps replaced.  For carpets, maybe a professional cleaning is all that is needed, but for stains that won’t go away, replace with inexpensive neutral carpeting.  With other flooring, talk to your real estate professional to get their recommendation.  Sometimes, a floor might not look as bad as you think and just a simple cleaning will do.  At the very least, your agent should have some recommendations of flooring professionals for larger repairs or replacements if  necessary.

6.  Stop faucet drips:

When a buyer sees a dripping faucet, eyebrows are generally raised.  The good news?  This is a repair that is usually easy to fix, however, if it calls on more experience than you are willing to tackle, call a plumber.  Usually, with no complications, this is a job that can be handled in less than an hour.

7.  Paint!

If you are able, paint a room that is a bright color or simply needs refreshing.  Use a neutral colour that appeals to most buyers, such as tan, or off white.  If a room is covered in wallpaper, then consider removing that as well.  It makes a world of difference and it’s one less thing a buyer will note.

8.  Repair Dingy Cabinets:

If your wood cabinets look worn, then take a weekend and polish them with a good lemon oil.  Don’t forget to repair scratches and you will be amazed at the difference.  Find the best polish suited for your cabinets and follow instructions carefully.

What If I Can’t Make Costly Repairs?

Despite all of your hard work, understand that at times, inspectors may list repairs that will catch you off guard.  What can be done if you are unable to fix those repairs?  What if they are too costly?

1.  Renegotiate price:  A buyer can obtain an estimate for repairs and ask the seller to adjust the sales price.

2.  As is:  Here, the seller assumes no responsibility and is selling the house in its present condition.



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