Resolution #7 Staging Your Windsor House For Sale for All Budgets:

Posted in General Blog | 07/12/2012

Windsor House For Sale

Windsor House For Sale

A Windsor house for sale will gather the attention of a serious buyer when it is prepared both inside and out.  Staging a home has taken on a whole new life and has gained tremendous popularity in the past several years.  Why?

1.  New Perspective:  Staging your home allows a seller to think like a buyer.  Ask yourself this question if you were seeing your house for the first time:  Would I be interested in my house as it is?  Would I want to buy it?

2.  Clean and Organized:  Staging requires a spotless and well thought out home.  Clearing out cabinets, cleaning shelves, going through closets and storing knick knacks serves a purpose – it allows buyers to see the home as THEIR home, not yours.

3.  Reduced Time On Market:  A house that is staged and has been prepared to go on the market, sells more quickly than a property that hasn’t.  If you want a home to sell fast, staging helps.

4.  Home Stands Out:  In a buyer’s market, your staged home will stand out and will easily be remembered for all the good reasons and not the bad.  If your home is just one of many being sold in your neighbourhood, you need to have a reason for buyers to come back for a second look.

Of course, many sellers think that to stage a home, you must spend an incredible amount of money.  There are many ways to stage for every budget and it’s not difficult to do without breaking the bank.

Tight Budget:

De-clutter and de-personalize.  Again, its been said over and over.  But this is the cheapest and most effective way to sell your home.  This costs absolutely nothing.

Paint:  Are the colours of your home neutral?  You should consider painting a room that is too personalized.  For example, your purple dining room may look great to you, but the majority of buyers will take note.  Painting is one of the cheapest upgrades a seller can do.  Colour in browns, tans, off white and other muted tones.

Make home inviting:  Again, this costs nothing, but it’s important that sellers set the stage and treat prospective buyers as guests.  This means, fluffing pillows, hanging clean towels in the bathrooms, and ensuring that fresh aromas are filtering through the home.  Some sellers bake cookies prior to a showing, others open windows the day before to allow fresh air to fill the home.  These simple steps take zero money but makes a huge difference.

Let it shine:  Buyers love natural light and open, airy homes.  So make sure that you open your blinds and let the sun shine!  Letting the light in has huge psychological and physical effects, so particularly if it is the dead of winter, make your home bright.  Again, this is free and costs nothing.

Increase curb appeal:  Go outside and get rid of all bicycles, tools, and old planters.  Remove any dead plants and keep your lawn cut.  Clean patios and decks as well as outdoor furniture.

$500 or Less:

Hire a cleaning service:  A home needs to be clean to be taken seriously by buyers.  If time constraints don’t allow you to give your home a thorough cleaning, then consider hiring professionals to do the job for you.  Don’t forget windows and clean from basement to attic.

Upgrade:  If your kitchen is dated, yet you have very little money to make improvements, there are simple steps you can do to make subtle changes.  For kitchens, change the cabinet hardware by replacing knobs, handles and hinges or improve lighting by adding new light fixtures which can dramatically change a room.  Updating faucets is another quick and inexpensive way to give your kitchen a new look. Another popular step is replacing countertops as many can go right over your existing counter.

For updating bathrooms, consider new cabinets and light fixtures.  Add fresh, new, hotel style towels and accessories.  Don’t forget to change the shower curtain if needed and add a new rug.

Curb Appeal:  Add colorful flowers in planters near your front door as well as in borders around your yard.  Clean gutters and if needed, the roof for a sparkling first impression.  Don’t forget to paint the front door if it has seen better days.  Again, it’s amazing what a coat of paint can do.

$500 or More:

Hire a stager:  If your budget allows and you feel you need the advice and help of a professional stager, then by all means consider it even if it is for a consultation.  Staging does not need to be expensive, but it is a good investment, especially if you are selling an empty home.  Good home stagers pay very close attention to the details and make sure your home’s special features stand out.  Is it worth it?  Yes it is, particularly if you want to sell your home quickly and add money to your pocket.

Again, there is a budget for everything when selling a home.  Staging does not have to be expensive, but a home needs to have universal appeal so that all types of buyers will look at your home and say, “I want to live here!”  In today’s real estate market, anything you can do to make your home stand out in a positive manner means your home will sell quickly.






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