Resolution #9 Why Your Windsor Property Isn’t Getting Any Showings

Posted in General Blog | 09/12/2012

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

Now that your Windsor property is on the market, it’s safe to assume that you are getting plenty of showings and anticipating an offer any moment.  Right? But something is amiss.  Your home hasn’t had anyone calling to make an appointment much less an offer.  What’s happening?

It could be a number of things.  Maybe your neighbourhood or city is experiencing the normal December slow down, or it could be something more critical.  The whole point though is you need to get your home shown so it can get sold!  It really is frustrating for a seller to sit and watch their home gather zero attention.  So when this happens, it’s time to re-evaluate.

The first thing to do is ask yourself a series of questions:

1.  Is my home accessible? 

Are you making it difficult for real estate agents to show your home?  Have you turned down any appointments because they didn’t work with your schedule?  Remember, buyers often must look after work and throughout various times during the weekend.  Keep your calendar open.  If you are selling your home this month, it may not be the best time to plan holiday parties or entertain a large amount of out-of-town guests.

2.  Is my home priced too high? 

Have your real estate agent look at the most current comps to ensure that your property is priced correctly.  If your property is priced the highest in your neighbourhood with similar style homes and square footage, then agents don’t have a reason to show your house.  Make sure your home is priced competitively with others.  In fact, if your budget allows, consider pricing just below the market.  Buyers will notice.

3. Are my online photos good?

Pictures should be clear and concise.  Make sure you have more than one photo, as buyers will assume something is wrong with the rest of the property if you only have one photo.  Also, make sure your pictures show a clean home without anything that could distract from its features.

4.  Is my home too cluttered for buyers?

If your home has too many of your personal belongings scattered around as well as too many knick knacks, then buyers can’t envision living in your home so they almost always pass on a property.

5.  My closets are stuffed, but where will I put everything?

If your closets are jammed, buyers will think you don’t have enough storage space.  Clear out 3/4 of your belongings and store elsewhere.  Clean, organized closets can make a huge difference and it’s simple to do!

6.  Does curb appeal matter in the dead of winter?

The answer is YES!  No matter what the season, a home needs curb appeal, period.  If toys and yard equipment are tossed about in the yard, if weeds are growing or trees need trimming, buyers notice.  If your front door has peeling paint, or dead plants in planters, these need to be repaired and removed.

7.  We love garlic! Should I cook a big meal before a showing?

It’s important that your home smell clean and fresh.  Cooking anything that will leave an odor the next day is never a good idea prior to a showing.  Make sure your home is free of smoke, dust, pet and other offensive smells as well.  Remember, while we understand you are living in the home, it’s necessary not to treat the home like YOUR home, but rather the buyer’s home.

8.  I’m too busy to clean! Will buyers really care?

If you are too busy, then hire a cleaning service.  It is imperative that a home be clean and tidy when buyers show up for their appointment.  Make beds, put dishes away, wipe down baseboards, make bathrooms sparkle and wash down countertops among other things.  It’s critical this be done, as real estate agents won’t waste their client’s time in showing a house that is not clean.

9.  I don’t think my home is marketed properly. What can I do?

This is critical and should be discussed with a real estate agent before you hire them.  Ask how they will market your property.  Do they have websites?  Do they have a strong online presence and use Facebook and Twitter?  If they say they advertise heavily in the papers, and that’s all, then run away.  No one does this any more.  It’s all about the Internet.

10.  Real Estate agents say my home isn’t easy to show!

Especially during the winter months, homes need to be easy to show.  If the weather is miserable and cold, make sure your any steps are free of ice and paths clear of snow.  Have your house a comfortable temperature.  If a home is too cold, a buyer won’t spend time looking at the property.  Also, the driveway must be accessible, so make sure if a heavy snowfall is in the forecast, that your yard is plowed as quickly as possible.

These are the primary reasons a home does not have many showings.  Keep in mind that word of mouth goes quickly among real estate agents.  In December, you have only serious buyers looking at a property, and normally, they don’t want to waste their time looking at something that won’t suit them.  So make sure that your home stands out from the rest.


While it is stressful selling a home during the holidays, it’s good to know that if you are getting plenty of showings, chances are, your home will sell sooner rather than later.

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