Safety Tips For Single Women Buying Windsor Properties

Posted in Uncategorized | 30/07/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

Single women buying Windsor properties are increasing annually.  Women buying homes on their own has increased more than ever before. Whether it is through divorce, holding off on marriage or just wanting to simply purchase a home, women buyers know what they want and safety is a major concern naturally.

Here are some tips for single women looking to purchase Windsor properties.  Please be advised, these are safety tips we advise to anyone looking for homes and concerned about a particular neighborhood or any other issue.

1.  Consider homes with attached garages:  This is particularly helpful during the winter when it gets darker earlier in the day.  At the very least, make sure you have an electric garage door opener for obvious reasons.

2.  Gated communities offer some protection.  Many residential areas, such as condos, offer these protected neighborhoods with timed gates to close before a second car can enter.

3.  Check to see what the neighborhood looks like at night.  Drive by and see if your street is well lit.  Many Windsor properties have motion-sensor lights.  Is your home one of them?  If not, they are easy to install.  This is always a good idea for those that are concerned for safety.

4.  You many want to consider a home with a security system.  This provides an extra dose of comfort knowing that someone is aware if there is a break in whether you are home or not.

5.  Change the locks.  Once you move into a home, make sure you change the locks.  You have no idea if the previous owners made copies of keys to family, friends or neighbors.  Get a deadbolt installed as well.

6.  Finally, while there are many other safety features to consider, purchase a home with a fenced back yard.  You may want to consider getting a dog at some point, and fenced yards provide a great, protected play area.

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