Saying Goodbye To Your Windsor Property For Sale

Posted in Selling Blog | 03/08/2012

Windsor Property For Sale

Windsor Property For Sale

Saying goodbye to your Windsor property for sale can be emotional.  If this is the home where you celebrated holidays, special events, watched your children grow and have been surrounded by happy times, then you may feel like you are losing a family member when you pack up and leave.  This is especially true for those empty nesters that are ready to downsize.  While the future looks good, no doubt you may experience waves of nostalgia and wonder to yourself if you are doing the right thing.

For those that are having a difficult time, make it easier on yourself by following any of these steps to make your transition easier and less painful.

1.  Throw a family dinner.  Host one last family get-together in a way that on one of your last nights, the house was filled with laughter and joy.  Have everyone go around the table and discuss their favorite memories.

2.  Create a scrapbook:  Before packing even begins, go around and take pictures of each of the rooms in your Windsor property for sale.  Take close up photos of anything that is unique and worth remembering, like the stenciling in a bedroom or a carved mantelpiece that was always the showcase of your home.  By creating such a book, not only will you have lasting memories, but one day, your children will enjoy the book as well.  Better yet, make one for each of your children so they can have their own copy.

3.  Have you heard of a house warming party?  The new rage is “House Cooling” parties.  This is when you invite friends over now that you are moving away, thus a house cooling party!  You can even throw the party once the movers have packed up every bit of furniture! Throw a pizza party and it’s a good time to say goodbye!

4.  Share your best wishes with the new owners.  By all means, a nice gesture is to write a note to the new owners wishing them happiness and good health in their new home.  It’s a nice final chapter and it ends on a positive and caring note.


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