Security Alarm When Selling Your Windsor Property For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 04/06/2012

Windsor Property For Sale

Windsor Property For Sale

It is occasionally asked if a seller should use their security alarm when their Windsor property for sale is on the market.  The answer often depends, as it can be difficult to show a home with a burglar alarm.  Which concerns the buyer more?  The intruder or the drama that surrounds listing a home with an active security system?

If a Windsor property for sale is vacant and the neighborhood is less than desirable, oftentimes a buyer insists on leaving a security alarm active.  This means, that whenever a real estate agent wants to show the property, specific arrangements must be made to let the agent and his client into the property.  Which concludes that there can be no sudden or spontaneous showings.  Agents often leave a note on the listing that prior arrangements or phone calls must be made before showing the home, but sometimes this doesn’t happen.  An agent showing the property sometimes only knows that an alarm has been set off when they hear the constant beeping and a panicked phone call is made to the listing agent.

Therefore, the best case scenario is arrangements should be made prior and the Windsor property for sale is shown by appointment only.  Unfortunately, this often turns away buyers who are driving in a neighborhood with their agent and want to see your home while they are in the area.  If they see a sign that says appointments only, they will usually drive away.

So when is using an alarm a good idea?  When a neighborhood is questionable and there have been problems in the past.  But ask yourself:  would a security sign be enough of a deterrent to keep away potential intruders?

But chances are, it’s okay to deactivate an alarm if you aren’t so concerned about burglaries or vandalism.  The chances of an agent setting off an alarm accidentally are good.  If the police show up frequently, then they may start charging you, and that can be expensive.  Also, keep in mind that your security code won’t be so much of a secret.  If it is included in the MLS listing, then it’s open for everyone to see.  Also, your agent will need to know the password and unless you insist they are at every showing, the password will need to be shared with other agents.

No one wants to look at a house that is a hassle to see.  Make it easy on your buyers.  But if a security alarm is necessary, then make appropriate arrangements to make showing your home a good experience.

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