Selling An Outdated Windsor Condo

Posted in General Blog | 15/07/2012

Windsor Condo

Windsor Condo

It is always a challenge to sell an outdated Windsor condo particularly when there are so many newer ones on the market.  Buyers do like to purchase modern, sleek condos that have the latest amenities as opposed to those that are many years old and lack some of the finer things that many builders include today.

So what can you do to make sure your dated Windsor condo gets lots of buyer traffic and an offer you can’t refuse?  Here are some suggestions to improving your chances:

1.  Update kitchen:  If you have an outdated kitchen in your outdated condo, then you need to make some improvements for your double whammy.  Start with stainless steel appliances if you are able.  Upgrade your counters if possible as well.  Buyers love to see these changes and the chance is good that you may get a higher return.

2.  Get rid of dated wallpaper and paint colors:  Nothing screams “old-fashioned,” than old, dreary wallpaper or paint colors that were popular 20 years ago.  Paint with neutral colors, which will open the rooms and make it appear more spacious.

3.  Update bathroom:  Even simple, inexpensive changes can make a world of difference.  Change the faucets and showerhead.  Remove old cabinet fixtures.  If possible replace the floor, tub and toilet.

4.  Carpeting:  Do you have older carpet in even older colors?  Tear it out and replace with hardwood if your budget allows.  If not, use a neutral color carpet, like Berber or anything low to the ground.

5.  If your furniture is older, replace if possible with newer furniture even if you need to rent it for a few months.  Let the buyer walk into your Windsor condo and feel like they could live in this property as opposed to feeling like they are walking into a time capsule.

6.  Finally, price accordingly:  If you need to move sooner rather than later from your Windsor condo, then you need to price it where buyers will notice.  It’s no use making all of the suggested changes if your condo is priced too high.  Buyers won’t consider making an appointment if it’s not priced right.

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