Selling Secrets For Your Home

Posted in General Blog | 19/11/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

For those interested in selling their homes quickly, here are some of the best ideas that real estate agents say over and over again to homeowners.  Many of these are not rocket science, but it is amazing what a world of difference these tips can make when you want to sell your home sooner rather than later and for the best price.

Not in any special order, here are the top selling secrets for home sellers.

1.  Fix it or Forget It:

Complete maintenance projects such as replacing broken fixtures, repairing damaged hardwood floors or fixing that leaking faucet as it is always cheaper than deducting the cost of repairs from the asking price.

2.  Bold Colours Don’t Sell:

Well, they may sell, but vivid colours, such as bright red, purple, green etc., reduce the price.  So replace with neutral paint colors.  Look at it like money in a can.

3.  Smells Stink!

Walking into a home that is smelly is the biggest turn off for buyers.  Also, don’t go overboard and make your home smell like a big vanilla candle either.  Instead, open all windows and air the house out.  You want the house to smell fresh and clean.

4.  Winter Sells Too!

Homes do sell in the winter, but you will need to spruce up your curb appeal by cleaning out the flowerbeds and covering them with mulch.

5.  Embrace Your Architecture:

If you are selling a home that has architectural significance, then don’t make any drastic changes but rather work with the design.  While older homes are often harder to sell, there are buyers out there looking for those styles.

6.  Don’t Forget the Backyard:

Landscaping and updating your backyard and deck will lead to a better offers.  Buyers look at decks as an extension of a home, so make it useable and welcoming.

7.  Remember the Entry

You know the real estate saying:  You have 10 seconds to make a first impression.  So make sure that your entry way is well organized, clean and makes the buyer want to see the rest of the home.

8.  Furnish To Sell:

There are many things you can do to with your furniture to complement your home.  Remove heavy, oversized furniture as it makes rooms look smaller.  Use full or queen sized beds rather than king if your bedroom is tiny.  Take away anything that interrupts the flow of a room.

9.  Details, Details, Details!

If you have a home rich in details, such as crown molding or rich hardwood floors, you are adding great value to your home!  So show them off!

10.  Who Is Your Competition?

Find out about the other houses for sale in your neighbourhood.  If you want to get the most for your home, then you need to be the best house on the block.  Don’t ignore an Open House, as it’s the only way you will see how your property measures up.

11.  Closets Are Big!

In other words, buyers will look into your closets to check out storage space.  So many sure they are clean and well organized.  Take out all clothes that are out of season and you are no longer wearing at this time of the year to make the space look bigger.  Donate or sell anything you no longer use.

12.  Make The Bed!

Even if you have a last minute showing, always, make the bed.  Buyers often look at a master bedroom as their future retreat, so make your room feel welcoming.

13.  Price to Sell:

An overpriced home will sit on the market and you run the risk of scaring off buyers and their agents.  Don’t price a home so high just to see if you can get an offer, but rather price where you think it will sell.

14.  Update Your Bathroom:

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to update your bathroom, but do make certain changes to keep the buyer interested.  If you have a dated vanity, then consider replacing or at least adding new hardware.  Change your shower curtain, add fresh, clean towels and clear the room of all personal materials.

15.  Clear the Counters:

Buyers do not like to look at cluttered kitchen counters.  No one wants to see your toaster, can opener, or mixer.  Instead, buyers want to see space and the quality of your countertops.  If they are grungy, you will need to change to get top dollar.

16.  Transform the Junk Room:

It’s surprising that many sellers want top dollar for their home, yet they don’t take the time to clean out the junk room of their home and make it into a valuable living space, such as a home office or spare room.

17.  Declutter:

This can’t be said enough.  Take away personal photos, trophies or anything else that will prevent a buyer from imaging living at your home with their family.

18.  Finish the Unfinished:

Finish your “to do” list before your Windsor home goes on the market.  Buyers like move in ready and usually don’t consider homes that have a long list of repairs.

19.  Use High End Looking Materials:

You don’t have to pay high-end prices to get high end looking materials.  If you are updating your bathrooms, there are several excellent vanities, mirrors and accessories that are available at great prices.

20.  Stainless Steel Appliances:

If you are able, updating your kitchen with stainless steel appliances will pay off big time.  Buyers love this popular look and stainless is not going to be replaced anytime soon.

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