Selling Windsor Homes: Why the Time May be Right to Sell

Posted in General Blog | 21/01/2012

Selling Windsor Homes

Selling Windsor Homes

There are many factors to consider when putting Windsor homes on the market.  Needless to say, it is a big decision to sell your Windsor home.  Some reasons are personal, such as you require a bigger home for your growing family, or you want to downsize once the last child leaves the nest.  Other reasons are you need to sell due to a job transfer or career change. Regardless, most realtors will tell you that the best time to sell your house is right around the corner, between the months of April and August.  This year, spring has the potential to be one of the better markets we have seen in several years.  With that said, it may be a very good time to start prepping your house to sell.

Home sales often peak in April and May and stay strong through the end of summer.  The nice weather we experience here in Canada during this time makes it an ideal time for selling Windsor homes.  Buyers want to purchase their new homes and get settled well before the new school year starts.  Selling in the summer may be a faster sell, but remember, it’s still a buyer’s market and other homes will also be for sale.  Price your home competitively.

You also must consider that with interest rates still low, activity for homes on the market is increasing.  Low interest rates will not last forever, and buyers are aware of this. Pay attention to the market trends when it is a buyers market.  While prices are still low, you may have to price your home lower than you would during a seller’s market.  However, there is an excellent chance you can buy your dream home for much less than you would have several years ago.

The right time to sell varies for everyone.  You need to consider if you care more about getting the very highest price, or selling quickly. Either way, only you can decide when the time is right for selling your Windsor homes.

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