Selling Windsor Homes With Pets:

Posted in Selling Blog | 27/07/2012

Windsor Homes

Windsor Homes

Following our previous post and discussing pets, it can be a special challenge when we are asked to sell Windsor Homes who have a very strong animal presence.  It is true, and has been said, that everyone loves your pet except the buyer that wants to purchase your home.  So if you want to get the best possible price for your home, pay attention at how animals can sometimes make a sale difficult when proper issues aren’t handled.

Buyers don’t like your pets for some of the following reasons:

1.  Dogs jump up, bark and make buyers nervous.  Of course, not all dogs do this, but the majority do.  Buyers don’t like looking at homes with animals following them and who may not like strangers in your home.  And quite simply, there are those buyers who don’t like animals and make it a point to leave the home quickly without even touring the home.

2.  Buyers don’t like to see litter boxes, carpet and floor pet stains, dog messes in the backyard that hasn’t been cleaned, pet odors and smells.  It takes away from the overall appeal of Windsor homes.  If you have the most wonderful gourmet kitchen, yet a litter box is nearby, buyers are going to take offense.  That first impression when a buyer enters your home should not be of an offending pet odor.  Despite how much they love your home, it will be the property that is referred to as “the one that smelled like a dog.”

3.  When showing your home, it is necessary to have it be free of any and all animals.  That includes dogs, cats, reptiles, birds and anything else that can be distracting.  Make sure that all food and water bowls are put away, and pick up any toys and litter boxes that will advertise you have a pet.  Make sure you vacuum and clean your home thoroughly before a buyer rings your bell.

4.  If it is impossible for you to take your dog to a doggie day care or have a friend come by and take your pet, then put your animal in a carrier with a note asking buyers not to disturb them.  Of course, let this be your last case scenario. It cannot be stressed enough that relocating your pets during a showing, is the best thing you can do to get Windsor homes sold.  It puts the emphasis where it should be:  your home!

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