Selling Windsor Houses For Sale During The Summer

Posted in Selling Blog | 29/07/2012

Windsor Houses For Sale

Windsor Houses For Sale

When you read this, we are halfway through the summer busy with Windsor houses for sale.  Like any season, there are pros and cons to selling homes during June, July and August.  One of the challenges is that buyers go on vacation, children are out of school and their activities keep parents busy, and life just seems crazy during these hot months.  Buyers who have been looking for several months tend to take a break.  If given a choice to look at another property, or go boating, most buyers pick the latter.

But for those of us busy with Windsor houses for sale this time of year, we concentrate on those buyers that can’t wait until fall and want to buy a home now.  Whether it is a job transfer or other life issues, some homes just need to be sold.  If you find yourself in this group, and are eager to sell your home before summer is over, make sure you are following a few of our suggestions to keep your home busy with appointments.

1.  Mow the lawn twice a week.  Homes start looking tired on the outside midway through summer.  Sellers are tired of watering, cleaning their homes and are easily worn out showing their homes.  But keep it up.  The outside of your home needs to be maintained as it is the first impression a buyer will have.  If they don’t like the outside, they won’t bother to come inside.

2.  Make sure your home as curb appeal: Again, that first impression is critical.  Have summer flowers in pots, trim bushes, pull weeds, put down mulch and make your entrance welcoming.

3.  Make your home look like summer inside.  If you have heavy drapes, consider removing.  If your home is decorated with dark colors, consider accenting with light, summer colors.  Open blinds and give light, unless it makes the home too hot.  With Windsor houses for sale, we suggest that sellers set their property at a comfortable temperature and close drapes if it is extremely hot.  However, if the day is mild, then open blinds and let your buyers see the light!

4.  If you have a wonderful outside entertaining area, play it up!  Stage it by setting the patio table with fun summer dinnerware.  Put colorful outdoor pillows near your sitting area.  If you have a pool, make sure it sparkles.

5. Finally, provide refreshments for those buyers who have probably already toured too many homes to count.  Make yours stand out by serving fresh drinks. It’s amazing what the small touches can do.

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