Selling Windsor Properties With Bad Views

Posted in Selling Blog | 02/07/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

Selling Windsor Properties with bad views is challenging, but can be overcome using several proven strategies.

The first thing that any seller should do when confronted with a less than desirable view, is to make sure the rest of their home looks amazing.  That means, you must have excellent curb appeal and a home inside that is spotless, well cared for and shows well.  That means staging if necessary but at the very least, free from all clutter so that buyer sees his furniture there and not your lifestyle.

When it comes time to address the bad views, there are several steps to take. If your bad view consists of your neighbour’s tacky lawn or bad paint job, then consider planting trees or hedges to block a good part of the view.  If your neighbor’s home is not well maintained, in fact, an eyesore, then perhaps you can offer to help them fix up their property, like mowing their yard, or pay to make visible repairs.

But in regards to Windsor properties who have bad views because of ugly power poles or industrial buildings, there is little you can do short of picking up the house and moving it.  The key is to get buyers inside your home and make them realize that your home is too good to pass up.  Despite creating curb appeal and a first class interior, the home needs to be priced properly in order to have them walk through the door.  If a home with bad views is priced too high, it simply won’t generate any traffic.  A home with a bad view is worth less than a home with a good view.

Finally, your home needs to be marketed effectively.  Make sure you concentrate on the good points of your neighbourhood.  Are you in a good school district?  Close to downtown?  Is your neighborhood family friendly? Make sure you promote anything that makes Windsor properties desirable.

By pricing competitively, creating excellent curb appeal and marketing your home well, you have a very good chance of selling your home sooner rather than later.


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