Selling Windsor Real Estate In An Undesirable Location

Posted in General Blog | 13/06/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

Let’s say your Windsor real estate sits in an undesirable location.  In a buyer’s market where there are lots of choices available, selling homes in a bad area can, at the very least, be challenging.  Your home’s value can be affected and can often sit on the market without ever having anyone take a look.  What is considered an undesirable area?  Possibly, anything near the following:

Near Airports, railroad tracks or freeways

Commercial properties

Apartment Buildings

Sports Arenas


Low-income housing

Electrical or nuclear power plants

Garbage dumps or landfills

So how can a realtor and a seller make the best of a bad situation?  The first step is to make sure that this piece of Windsor real estate is priced to sell.  Often times, a seller will look twice at your property, despite its location, if it is priced affectively.  If the home is the least priced in a town that is desirable, though the location is not good, buyers will often weigh the good with the bad.

Secondly, an experienced realtor knows that it is important to turn the negative into a positive.  Instead of saying that your home sits next to a freeway, it’s much better to say that your home is close to freeway access making commuting easier.  If the Windsor real estate in question sits on a busy road, then it may be necessary to find statistics that crime is lower on busier streets with lots of activity.

Many buyers again will take a second look at a home that may not be their first choice if it is priced right.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that once a buyer walks into your home, despite it’s location, they will fall in love with it.  The challenge is to GET the buyer in your home, and they won’t consider it if it is priced too high.  There are too many other choices out there.

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