Selling Your House? Top No No’s for Every Room

Posted in General Blog | 21/11/2012

Windsor House

Windsor House

When you are preparing your house to sell, take a look around every room and give it a good look.  Personal taste is one thing, but when you are opening your home to prospective buyers, then individual style that creates anything more than a neutral look, will hurt your sale.

Here are some of the top things buyers don’t like to see:

1.  Oversized furniture

Too big sofas make a room look small.  If a buyer needs to maneuver around your furniture, then the thought that run through their minds are “cramped,” “too tight” and “tiny room.”

2.  Mix and match Patterns

Bold bright patterns, vivid colours, stripes, small prints, plaids are too much.  Buyers can’t make out any of the room’s characteristics because their visual senses are on overload.  Realtors always urge sellers to paint their rooms a neutral colour to get the most bang for their buck.  A simple can of paint will do wonders.

3.  Furniture against the wall 

People think that a room will look large if the middle floor is open, but honestly, the opposite is true.  Place furniture into groups in the center.  Arrange a sofa, with a table behind, move chairs away from corners and you will see a more open, airy look in your room.

4.  Too many knick-knacks:

When selling a home, many homeowners refuse to take away the majority of their collectables.  The problem is, buyers don’t want to see your salt and pepper shaker collection because that is what they will focus on, when they should be studying your house.  Do your best to select only the most important pieces and store the rest.

5.  Not changing with the seasons

Make simple changes in each room to acknowledge the season.  For example, now that winter is approaching, it’s a perfect opportunity to showcase how your home looks this time of the year.  Use decorative pillows in fall/winter colours that coordinate with the rest of your home.  Take down the summer decorations and make your home look inviting, warm and comfortable for the cold days ahead.

6.  Bad light

Choose lighting to match the function of the space.  Dimmers are very popular with buyers as it gives light control for various occasions.  Use 100-watt bulbs in your lamp and light fixtures so buyers will see a home that is bright and open.

7.  Too much artwork

Buyers don’t want to see every space of wall covered, so limit your artwork to a few selective pieces.  Create a focal point that will enhance the space and not detract from it.  As for family photos, posters of your favourite sports team, store away.

8.  Slipcovers

Sellers will often put slipcovers over their furniture to protect it from buyers. While decorative slipcovers are okay, the absolute worst are clear vinyl.  This is never a good idea.  If anything, buyers are turned off, as they look awful.

9.  Dying Plants

Remove any plants that are dead or have seen better days.  Replace with plants that don’t require much attention.  The same goes for outside greenery.  Many times a buyer will approach a home and the first thing they see are wilted flowers in pot and dying hanging plants.  Little things speak volumes for buyers.

Finally, while it’s tempting to spend money on fix-ups to impress buyers, don’t overkill.  While making some changes may be necessary, some major renovations never pay off.  Don’t waste your money on the following:

1. Expensive Carpet

If you need to replace your carpet, don’t buy the best money can buy.  A simple, modest mid range quality carpet is fine.  And remember, there is always a chance that buyers will replace it anyway.

2.  Top of the line appliances

Dated appliances never go over well with buyers as they see dollar signs knowing they will need to replace.  But while new appliances are an excellent selling point, there is no need to buy expensive, top of the line appliances.  All you need to do is buy those that will sell the home, not create a chef’s kitchen.

3.  Install Expensive Window Treatments

This is another item that buyers usually change once they move in; so don’t purchase custom-made window treatmentsfor your Windsor house.  Simple side panels or cut to measure blinds on all windows do the trick.  It will look uniform throughout the home and buyer will see a clean palate.

4.  Retile your bathroom in granite

The point of the bathroom is to look clean and fresh, but it doesn’t have to look like a suite in a major hotel if you have a modest home.  If needed replace the caulking and make sure the tile sparkles.  And nothing beats a clean bathroom that is spotless.

5. Garage Door Organizers

While an organized garage is great, there is no need to spend money on cabinets and other built-ins.  Get rid of what you no longer need and store the rest.  The key is to buyers that they have room to park their cars inside.






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