Tips on Selling Your Up-And-Coming Windsor Home

Posted in General Blog | 16/03/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

When trying to sell your Windsor home in a less than desirable neighborhood, you face many challenges.  There are few buyers who want to purchase a home in an area that is considered “dangerous” or even “sketchy.”  So targeting the right buyer is critical and must be considered before you put your home on the market. The good news is there are buyers out there for your Windsor home, you just need to find them.

In every city there are neighborhoods that fit this dilemma.  Several local governments have even taken this issue into their own hands and created citizen’s advisory committees to attract business and homeowners to an area that needs improving.  If this is the case with your neighborhood, you have what is commonly referred to in real estate terms as “an up and coming neighborhood.”  Here, home prices are more affordable and offers an opportunity for buyers to have some left over money for renovations.  Often, “young, hip and funky” describe buyers looking to purchase in this area.

If your Windsor home sits in a neighborhood that has great potential and possibility, then that is the marketing angle you need to consider.  Because targeting the younger buyer who would most likely be interested in your property will be a primary focus, stage your home to that lifestyle.  Get rid of any old, heavy furniture and dated accessories that will turn off this buyer.  Dress up your tired walls with a fresh coat of neutral paint and turn a bedroom into a home office.  Provide plenty of curb appeal with a well cared for lawn and seasonal flowers.  If any new restaurants or unique stores are opening in your area, be sure and tell your real estate agent so that information can be passed on to potential buyers.  Again, that may convince then that living in an “up and coming neighborhood” may be the right move for them.

Always make sure you hire a real estate agent with experience for these neighborhoods in transition. It is important that your Windsor home is targeted for the right audience by going beyond what is expected in advertising and promoting your home.

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