Selling Your Windsor Condo

Posted in General Blog | 24/06/2012

Windsor Condo

Windsor Condo

In the past several years, selling a Windsor condo has been challenging.  During those often difficult times for sellers, condo sales have dropped and there have been lots of unsold inventory.  However, hiring a good real estate agent and following a few simple steps means you can work smart and hard to make your condo stand out among the competition.  Here are some ways to find some qualified buyers:

1.  Visit your competition.  Find condos for sale in your building or in the neighborhood.  See what prices others are asking and how your home compares.  Do they have a professional cooking kitchen?  Hardwood floors?  Other amenities that perhaps you don’t?  If so, price accordingly!

2.  Have an appraisal done on your Windsor condo and check around for similar priced condos.  Advertise yours for 5 percent less.

3.  Create a website.  Hopefully, your real estate agent will heavily promote your property (and if they don’t, then find someone else!) but it doesn’t hurt to build your own site and share with family and friends.  Make sure you list all of the strong points about your condo, like location, proximity to public transportation, close to entertainment, peaceful, etc.

4.  If you can, offer to pay your buyer’s closing costs.  Many condo buyers can afford the price of your condo, but closing costs are what send them over their budget.  The savings may be a huge bonus to many and increase traffic to your condo.

5.  Let your neighbors know your condo is for sale. Send postcards, put up fliers if allowed in the rec rooms, to pass the word along.  Many may know potential buyers and will spread the word.

These top five tips are simple yet can be very powerful strategies to get your Windsor condo sold.  Be aggressive in your marketing efforts and make sure your real estate agent and you are on the same page.

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