Selling Your Windsor Home For The First Time?

Posted in General Blog | 28/03/2013

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

Even before you start packing, making repairs and cleaning your Windsor home, take a moment and review the following if you are selling a house for the very first time.  With home prices slowly increasing and buyers out and about looking for homes, you may feel the opportunity is right for you to sell, perhaps move into a larger home or downsize.  Here are my suggestions for when you are thinking about selling if you are doing this for the very first time:

1.  Get pre-approved:

While it’s fun to look at new homes, the first thing you must do is get preapproved before you even list your home, if you plan on moving into a larger property.  So take a few minutes and talk with a mortgage company and fill out the needed paperwork.  Rules and stricter guidelines are now enforced by loan companies, so make sure you qualify and find out how much they are willing to loan you.

2.  How much equity do you have?

This is extremely important to know for the following reasons:

You will most likely pay a real estate agent a six percent commission so you will need to have some equity if you plan on selling.  Then once those fees are subtracted, do will you have enough for a down payment, moving expenses and so forth?

3. Contact a real estate agent:

Once you have determined that you want to sell your property, then it’s time to interview real estate agents.  I always suggest you meet with three and get their opinions on pricing, what you need to do to get your property ready for sell and review their references.  Talk to friends and family members for their recommendations.  I have written plenty of articles on how to interview an agent that will prove helpful, especially if you have not worked with one when selling a property.

4.  Hire a home inspector:

This is not mandatory at all, however, if you have a home that you have lived in several years, it’s a good idea to have an inspector look at your home and see if any major repairs are needed.  This is extremely helpful when selling your house as you can get the repairs completed and show prospective buyers that your house is in good condition.  Of course, buyers should get their own inspection as well, but you will have that valuable piece of paper if buyers come back demanding repairs that have been made.

5.  Declutter and Stage:

images-12If you haven’t sold a home before, then perhaps you don’t know the importance of getting rid of anything in your home that buyers will find distracting.  The number one rule you want to follow is creating an atmosphere where buyers can immediately walk into your home and imagine living there.  They can’t do that if you have your sports trophies on display, personal photographs everywhere and anything else that will distract a buyer.  Staging does not necessarily need to be done by a professional, though most do incredible work.  If this is not an option, then simply look through this website for some of our best tips on staging your home yourself.  Also, check out the Internet for other advice from those that do this work for a living.

6.  Clean, Clean and Clean again:

Once your home is clutter free, make sure that you make your home sparkle.  From top to bottom your home must shine.  That includes floors up to the ceiling.  Again, look through articles I have written on this subject so your house can stand out.  Showing a dirty home is like shooting yourself in the foot.  Not only will buyers walk out, but the longer it stays on the market, the lower your price will need to go.  And don’t forget the smell test.  If you have pets, if you smoke, or your home has stale cooking smells, then buyers will walk out as well.  And don’t think that overly perfumed candles or air fresheners will do the trick, as buyers will think you are trying to hide something.  Just make it smell clean.

7.  Price accordingly:

When pricing your home, listen to advice from your professional real estate agent.  Make sure you carefully go over local comps and list your price not what YOU think it’s worth, but what it will go for.  Separate yourself from your emotions.  It really isn’t the time to think with your heart when pricing your home.  Yes, you may have the best house on the block, but remember this, only buyers will tell you what your home is worth.  Overpricing your home only means it will stay on the market longer.



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