Selling Your Windsor Home In A Bad Neighborhood

Posted in General Blog | 28/06/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

You may have the best Windsor home in your neighborhood but if it’s in an area that buyers don’t like to venture, then selling your home can be very challenging.

But there are always buyers for every type of home.  The important thing to do is list all of your homes strong points.  Are you close to public transportation? Is your neighborhood going through a revival?  Close to shopping and grocery stores?  The idea is to keep the positives in focus while downplaying the negatives.  Here are some tips to make your Windsor home appeal to buyers.

1.  Don’t make your property stand out.  In other words, have good curb appeal by having good landscaping and a home that looks like it is cared for, but if you go too over the top, buyers will think that your home may be overpriced.

2.  Fencing your property shows that your Windsor home is protected and that your family can play safely.  This also appeals to buyers who have pets.

3.  Hire the most experienced and aggressive real estate you can.  While a professional agent would never ignore the negatives of your home, they know how to market the positive attributes of your property.

4.  Make a responsible and realistic sales price.  Yes, you may have the best home on the block, but it is about location and you are selling that as well.  Aggressively price your home and you have a better chance at entertaining bids.

5.  If you have a security system, let your buyers know.  Motion detecting lighting is always good as well.  Buyers will be thinking of that feature and will be happy to know that it is one less thing they need to purchase.



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