How to Sell Your Windsor Home in The First 30 Days

Posted in General Blog | 06/05/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you the same thing:  the first 30 days of selling your Windsor home are the most critical. This is when your home will attract the most attention and get the most showings.  So how do you take advantage of this traffic?  If your desire is to sell your home as quickly as possible (and who doesn’t want that?) then it is necessary to follow these steps:

1.  Know your competition:  There are lots of homes for sale today.  With summer almost here and this is the busiest time for home sales, it is important to price your Windsor home effectively. Your realtor will give you a listing of comparable home sales in your neighborhood and once you have agreed on a sales price, consider undercutting it by ten percent to get the needed attention to your home. If this is possible for you, then you have a big edge with your competition.

2.  Negotiate:  Not every bid by a buyer will be successful and it’s okay to turn away a low offer.  However, if you have a buyer who wants to negotiate, then swallow any pride you have and continue the bidding process.  If pricing reaches a stall, you might enhance the deal by including the appliances, or asking for a longer escrow.

3.  Staging:  Again, the first 30 days are critical.  You want to create that valuable first impression which will make a buyer come back for a second visit.  A professional stager knows how to accentuate your homes positive attributes.  They can make a small room appear bigger, and create a home that often looks like it came out of a catalog.  It has been proven that staging can quicken a sale and sometimes for more than the listing price.  It’s money well spent.

4.  Social Media:  At least 90% of today’s buyers use the Internet to start looking for a Windsor home.  It is imperative that your real estate agent has an active online social media presence.  Advertising your home on a website loaded with photos, using facebook, twitter and other sites where it can easily be forwarded to friends and family who will then forward it to others is critical.  Nothing promotes your home to a wider audience than the Internet.

5.  Be Flexible:  Your home must be kept in showing condition at all times.  Be prepared to leave at a moments notice with your house perfectly clean and ready to go.  Is it inconvenient?  Yes, but it is necessary in order to take full advantage of the steady stream of buyers that will want to view your home.  When selling your Windsor home, patience and a positive attitude are needed, especially in the first month.

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