Selling Your Windsor Property On A Busy Street

Posted in General Blog | 17/01/2013

Windsor Property

Windsor Property

If your listed Windsor property is located on a busy street, then it means you and your real estate agent will have to work extra hard at finding a buyer.  Yes, there are buyers out there who don’t mind owning a in such a location, but you will need to make sure your home is ready to go and heavily promoted.

For the homeowner, your job is to prepare your house for sale.  Because of the drawback of your home’s location, it is necessary for you and your agent to emphasize the many positive aspects of your home.  Make sure your home is loaded with terrific curb appeal that makes a person drive by your home and say, “Wow a great home!” You also need to have the inside sparkling clean and updated.

Regarding a realtor, make sure you hire one that understands the challenges of selling on a busy street.  This sort of sale is not like others.  Extra thought, marketing and excellent negotiation skills are required.  Why?  Because buyers for homes in less than desirable locations don’t often beat down your door every day. So you need to be ready when they do.

So how do you market a home on a busy street?

1.  Price it right

Homes on heavily traveled streets are priced lower than those similar style homes in quiet neighbourhoods.  The home must relay to the buyer that it is a great value.  Consider marking it down anywhere from 10 – 15 percent lower.  Chances are, you received a discount when you bought the home, now it’s time to do the same.  A realtor will provide you with comps on similar sold homes and some of these properties should be on busy streets as well so you can compare.  Remember though, if your home is well maintained and priced right, it is likely it can sell near your asking price.

2.  Hire an agent with enthusiasm for your property

Don’t hire someone who will automatically give you the gloom and doom about the busy street and traffic conditions.  You know that already.  Instead, select a professional agent who gives you confidence and is eager to sell your home for a realistic price.  Make sure their signs are clean and professional and they have an active marketing campaign for your home.  If they say to you, “Let’s put a sign up and see what happens,” then walk away.  You want to hire an agent that will work hard to sell your home, not ignore it once you have signed the listing agreement.

3.  Promote your home’s easy access to commuters

Buyers are looking for affordable housing that doesn’t require a long commute.  The good news is, that buyers are now willing to consider properties next to major freeways if it will shorten their drive to work.  This is often true for those in the profession of emergency workers like police and doctors who often need to leave for work at a moment’s notice.  If your home is near public transportation as well, this could be an ideal location for those that depend on this.

4.  Curb appeal

Once a buyer walks into your home, you want them to forget that you live on a busy street.  This is easier to do when you present your house in the best possible way.  Make sure all repairs are done, your home is clean, decluttered and even staged if possible (you need to bring out all the bells and whistles) and you focus on your homes positive features.

5.  Negotiate

Be prepared to negotiate.  Don’t pass on a low offer and certainly don’t let your emotions get in the way.  As I mentioned above, homes in less desirable locations almost always entertain lower offers, so the best idea is to review, counter and try to reach terms that are acceptable to both parties.

6.  Be patient

Often, a home on a busy street takes longer to sell than the average home.  Again, this is not always the case, but a seller needs to be patient, keep their home ready and available to show and curb appeal maintained.  As long as the house is priced right, a buyer will come.

These recommendations are not only for homes on busy streets, but for other less than desirable locations as well.  Properties located near cemeteries, commercial buildings, airports, prisons, trains and industrial parks also need to price their home aggressively.

But take into consideration, that if your home is in a good neighbourhood and in an excellent school district, your well priced home can be within financial reach to those that could not otherwise afford a home in your location.


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