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The Building Blocks

Getting Started – The Sasha Miletic Path to a Successful Home Purchase:

Step 1 – Make Sure You Watch ALL of the Videos Attached to the Links in email I Sent You On The Step-By-Step System For Selling Your Home FAST and For Money Than It’s Worth. Also, Watch them FIRST in the exact order before you do anything else.

Step 2 – Understand The Power of Social Networking – Is Social Media a Fad or the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution. This will be the most important video you’ll watch and clearly you’ll understand why my entire website was reprogrammed to incorporate it. The name of the game is getting the highest number of qualified eyeballs looking at your house and ignoring where the buyers are is futile. (Click here to watch the video…)

Step 3 – Download and Review The Mafia Report – This is a PDF document so you need to open it up and you may want to print it off as well. And the reason I call it the Mafia Report is because if this was the Mafia, I’d be dead by now. You see, it’s a Special 35 Page report that uncovers the TRUTH about the real estate industry. It takes you deep inside the sometimes twisted world of the “fast talking” real estate brokerage business. (Click here to view pdf…)

Step 4 – Download and Review all Necessary Home Selling Reports – It took me a LIFETIME to crack the code on these prized money saving strategies… and now they’re YOURS for the taking. (Click here to go to reports page…)

Step 5 – Review all Home Staging Videos and Download Checklists – These video’s and checklists will guide you in preparing your home for sale and will save you from having to hire a professional home stager. (Click here to go to home staging page…)

Step 6 – Understand Our Guaranteed Sales Program – Your biggest dilemma when considering purchasing another home is deciding whether to buy first or sell first. Either way it’s risky. You don’t want to get stuck owning 2 homes, or worst of all end up homeless with none at all. This video unravels my Guaranteed Sales Program and provides a link to a PDF revealing all of the conditions. (Click here to watch the video…)

Step 7 – Review and Understand Home Renovation Costs – This pdf was provided to us by Rob Iseppi of AmeriSpec® Home Inspection Services and it provides cost estimates to various common repairs and improvements that are typical in most homes. The purpose of this guide is to assist you in budgeting for home repairs and future upgrades. (Click here to view pdf…)

Step 8 – Review Understanding the Selling Process – These videos and reports will guide you throughout the entire sales process. (Click here to go to the page…)

Step 9 – Review Understanding the Real Estate Forms – Familiarize yourself with the forms that you’ll be using throughout the sales process. (Click here to go to the page…)

DISCLAIMER: A lot has changed since these video’s were made, mainly in the marketing strategies. With nearly 95% of all homebuyers starting their search on-line, the use of successful on-line Internet strategies to attract qualified buyers to your house has never been more significant. As such, our online strategy has dramatically changed with the addition of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Marketing Through Social Networking Sites, Blogging, Vlogging (Video Blogging), Online Video’s and much more. I am currently in the process of introducing new video’s shortly to explain everything in more detail.

Getting To Know You

These reports reveal the good, bad and the ugly side of me.

I’ll share with you a magic bullet that took me from being a broke and humiliating loser to discovering this great this one-of-a-kind breakthrough system for home sellers that will save you time, money and frustration. Also, there are some valuable tools in how to research real estate agents and companies.

Step 1 – Read the Magic Bullet Report – This report is going to embarrass me publicly because in order for me to really convey this lesson to you, I’m going to have to share with you some really ugly details about my “past life” that are at best, unflattering.
(Click here to view report…)

Step 2 – Review My Resume – This is a 1 page resume that I made so that you can review my credentials. Nothing really exciting, but take a look anyway.(Click here to view pdf…)

Step 3 – Review the Top 10 Questions To Ask an Agent During the Interview. – This is a PDF that you should print off and use it as a guideline when researching agents.
You should NOT chose an agent based on how much they feel your home is worth. The market determines value, not the real estate agent . And, when comparing agents, take out their commissions charged and compare them strictly by what they’ll do to sell your home for TOP dollar and the services you’ll receive. Then you can determine if the commission is worth the added value that you’re getting. (Click here to view form…)

Step 4 – Review Services that Sell – Print of this report and on the back cover you’ll find 2 web sites that will help you in your research. The first site will help you measure how much traffic an agent and companies web site is getting. And the second site measures the popularity, search engine optimization and social media friendliness of a site. This is crucial in measuring “eye-ball” traffic and you need to compare these amongst agents and companies as your home will be posted there. (Click here to view pdf…)

Step 5 – The Most Frequently Asked Selling Questions About My Home Selling System – This PDF answers the most asked question about me and my home selling system that I’ve received over the last 6 years. Simply click on the link and see if it answers some of yours. (Click here to view form…)

Step 6 – Home Feedback … A feedback system that keeps you informed and in the loop – If you’re like most sellers then you want to be informed at every stage when your home is on the market. This PDF will explain our home feedback system and how you will be able to monitor showings on your home and how you’ll never feel like you’re out of the loop. (Click here to view pdf…)

Step 7 – Marketing System for TOP Dollar – This PDF will give you an overview of some of the steps before, during and after the sale 5 years ago. It’s very basic and by no means does it go through everything that we do today (but the flyer looks nice). I want to show you that what we did way back was still a lot more that you’d get from most agents.
(Click here to view pdf…)

Step 8 – Typical Listing Plan – When a listing is taken, this is an example of a plan and process it goes through with each member on my team. This plan was from 3 years ago and does NOT include video’s and social networking. Today’s plans are more automated.
(Click here to view form…)

What to Do – 30 Days Before the “For Sale” Sign Goes Up On Your Lawn (Time Sensitive)

This section is of no value to you if it’s watched any time sooner than this. Just like any market, the housing market changes month-to-month and this analysis must be done within 30 days of the sign going up on your lawn NO SOONER!

You’re now in the home stretch and this section will walk you through the your final preparation steps in setting yourself up for a successful sale for Top dollar.

Step 1 – Watch Video Titled “Pricing Your Home to Sell” – This is the single most important video you’ll ever watch pertaining to Pricing Your Home for the highest possible sales price. It’s presented by David Know who is one of the leading sales trainers and keynote speakers in the real estate industry. This video will address the major principles of pricing your home properly as well as answers to the most common questions and beliefs most owners have about pricing their home. This video costs us money to send out so please make sure you watch it 30 days before you intend to put the for sale sign on your lawn. The information is very important to you and you don’t want to watch it too far out and forget most of it’s content. (Click here to go to log-in form…)

Step 2 – Schedule a Home Consultation Session – Either call us directly at 519-962-9150 or send us an email with a couple of dates and times that work for you.
At our meeting, we’ll preview your home and give you all of recent sales in your area for you to review.

Then we’ll research current market trends and conditions, reviewing absorption rates in your area AND, preview our competition (what’s currently for sale in your area).
We need to know why someone would buy your home over every other one available for sale. Then and only then, we can discuss how to position your home in today’s market at the highest perceived value.

This is very time consuming and thorough but at the end of it all, you’ll know without any uncertainty if you should stay and wait for the conditions to improve or sell.

PLEASE keep in mind, that given the current size of our team and our time commitment to give you very comprehensive information so that you can make an informed decision, we can only facilitate 6 seller consultation sessions a week and are now booking all appointments into next week.

Information That You’ll Receive Once Your Home Is Listed For Sale:

Clients Role in the Sales Process – You are the key player on the home selling team. And, no one has a more important role in this. Here are some way’s your preparation can contribute to a successful sale.

Showing Procedures For Home Sellers – Buying a home is a PROCESS and not an EVENT. This form goes over where buyers come from and how we separate the qualified ones from the time wasting “tire-kickers”.

Understanding the Real Estate Market – This PDF explains pricing and how many showings you should be getting if you’re priced right.

And Right After The Sold Sign Goes on Your Front Yard, You’ll Receive 3 Useful Guides and a Checklist to Eliminate all of the Stress Associated with Moving:

  • General Checklist
  • Packing Checklist
  • People to Notify
  • Who to Call Before Moving (with phone numbers)
  • What to do when:
    • Moving Out
    • Moving in
  • Your Local Newspaper
  • And what to do after the move.

“A Handy Guide Before You Move” – Following these specific tips can take confusion out of the journey to your new home – whether it’s down the block or across the country. The guide is time specific and starts from 6 weeks before the moving date.

The Home Buyer’s Ultimate Moving Guide – A Step-By-Step Check List to Make Your Move a Smooth One. It’s never too early to get started and this guide will make things easier for you.

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