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Understanding the Process When Selling Windsor Real Estate- Helpful Videos, Charts and Articles…

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These video’s and reports go over the selling process and give you the benefits of working with an International franchise. Remember, why go to battle with a pellet gun when you can have an entire brigade backing you for the same price.


Times are changing and in today’s volatile economy, you need the best real estate brand on your side … REMAX. This short video shows all of the benefits of having REMAX sell your home at no additional cost to you. (Click here to watch the video…)

5 Common Mistakes Most Home Sellers Make

– Often important elements of a transaction can be overlooked by homeowners who lack the proper experience. This video reveals how to avoid 5 common mistakes most Windsor Real Estate home sellers make. (Click here to watch the video…)

Top 10 Ways to Optimize the Condition of Each Room

– In today’s market, your home must look it’s absolute best to command top dollar otherwise you run the risk of your home sitting on the market for an extended period of time at a reduced price. This video will show you how to optimize the condition of your property. (Click here to watch the video…)

Deal Makers For Home Buyers… Key Area’s Most Important to Home Buyers

– In today’s market, many buyers want that perfect move-in ready home that doesn’t require any upgrades and repairs. This video reveals the key areas most important to buyers.
(Click here to watch the video…)

Frequently Asked Questions on Preparing Your Home For Sale

– Most sellers understand the concept of home staging but many aren’t completely sure how it works. This video go over the answers to the most common questions homeowners just like you have. (Frequently Asked Questions on Preparing Your Home For SaleClick here to watch the video…)

Preparing Your Home For The Right Buyer

– Once you’ve established the target buyer, you must keep in mind they all have different needs. This video gives you examples of different buyer categories and what they typically look for. (Click here to watch the video…)

The Features of Your Home That Attract Buyers

– Selling your home isn’t just about putting a sign on your front lawn. You need to consider what buyers are looking for in their next home. This video will help you determine who your target buyers are and how to prepare your property for them. (Click here to watch the video…)

The Top 10 Mistakes Homeowners Make in Preparing Their Home For Sale

– Selling your home can be surprisingly time consuming and emotionally challenging. This video will show you exactly how to avoid the many common slip-ups.
(Click here to watch the video…)

Top 5 Issues That Will Make a Buyer Really Hate Your Home

– This video goes over what you need to do to get your home ready to list. . (Click here to watch the video…)

Turning Your Home Into A Model

– You need to start off by emotionally disconnecting yourself from your home. This video shows how once you’ve done this, it will be much easier to view your home through the buyers eyes. (Click here to watch the video…)

Why a Home Doesn’t Sell

– The 3 Step Process You Need to Know in Selling Your Home – In today’s market, buyers have more properties to choose and they take their time finding the perfect home. This video reviews the 3 step process in selling your home.
(Click here to watch the video…)

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Full Service Agent to Sell Your Home

– Choosing a wrong agent could be a recipe for disaster. This video will show you how working with a full service REMAX agent will lead you to your desired outcome quicker and easier when selling Windsor Real Estate. (Click here to watch the video…)

The Critical Role of a REMAX Real Estate Agent

– This video reviews the key role of an agent which is to help you understand the current housing market so that together, you can determine a listing price that will attract the right buyers, maximize your profit and help ensure a quick sale. (Click here to watch the video…)

The REMAX Difference

– This PDF was taken from a power point presentation and highlights the benefits of choosing REMAX to sell your home. (Click here…)

The TOP 5 Reasons To Use a REMAX Sales Associate

– This is another colorful booklet PDF prepared by REMAX. It’s very easy to read, and has a lot of helpful bullet points and checklists for you to use. Take a look…(Click here…)

Compare Local Market Share Graphs for Windsor and Essex County

– These 2 charts review market share graphs for listings taken and sales for 2011. Large companies get more buyers looking for property than at small firms on their site. In fact, during 2011, our local REMAX company in Windsor had over 800,000 unique visitors looking for homes on-line. It’s no wonder we sold so many homes!

Expected Costs Involved When Buying and Selling Windsor Real Estate

– Selling Costs are substantially less when selling than buying Real Estate. Attached is a PDF of typical buying and selling costs and all disbursements. My attorney, James Branoff, was nice enough to share his costs with me to act as an example. One WARNING, many lawyers quote much lower fees BUT grossly inflate their disbursements leaving the customer with an exorbitant bill at the end. (Click here…)

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