Should I Buy Windsor Real Estate With Bad Neighbors?

Posted in Buyer Blog | 13/06/2012

Windsor Real Estate

Windsor Real Estate

You found the perfect Windsor real estate.  Everything about the new home is ideal, from the size, price and area.  The problem?  The next-door neighbor.  You can tell a mile away that this person is trouble by the unmowed yard, rusty cars in the driveway and a home in need of drastic repairs.  What do you do?

As the old saying goes, “location, location, location.”  You can change your Windsor real estate, but you can’t change its location.  While you may love the home, you can’t ignore the neighbor.  If you are the seller, this is your worst real estate nightmare, as buyers most often will shy away from making a bid on your home, no matter how beautiful it is, if you have a troublesome neighbor.

In our previous post we discussed how to sell a home in a bad location.  But how can you tell if a neighbor is going to be difficult?

Property:  After you have found a home you are considering, go look at the neighborhood.  Do nearby neighbors have neglected property or a home in disrepair?  Is the grass uncut?  Clutter scattered throughout the yard and flowerbeds that have more weeds than flowers?  If so, then chances are they are not going to change.

Parties:  Drive around your new neighborhood at different times.  Do you see lots of parties next door?  Do cars come over and stay for long periods of time?  Ask your real estate agent if the Windsor real estate you are interested in is next door to renters.  If you live in a college town the last thing you want is loud music and all night parties.  Pay attention to pets as well.  If you hear dogs barking, look to see if they are tied up or left in a small area. Ask your real estate agent to follow up and see if they can get any additional information if there have been issues with the neighbors and the police.  If you don’t like what you are seeing, check to see if the neighbors have any criminal records.  If they do, that might be the deal breaker.

There is no doubt that bad neighbors can lower your home value. Not only that, they can lower your quality of life.  If you live in a home where you can’t go outside and enjoy the neighborhood, then no house, no matter how much you like it, is worth it.  Just ask the current owners of the property you are considering, and see how much they like the bad neighbors.  Those neighbors have cost them several thousand dollars from their home’s value.  Hardly something you want to experience.




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