Should I Sell My Windsor Home Rental As A Vacant House?

Posted in General Blog | 05/06/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

If you have decided to sell your Windsor home that you use as a rental, should it be sold vacant, or is it better to sell while residents are still living in the home?

While selling a Windsor home that is vacant is often not ideal, selling a home with tenants can pose a host of problems that often can sabotage a sale.  For example, not every landlord and tenant have a friendly relationship, therefore, if this is the case, then renters can often strike back.  They can leave a house messy, not report repairs that are needed, ignore calls requesting an appointment to view the home or simply not cooperate in any way.  While these can be extreme cases, it has been known to happen.  Sometimes tenants are upset that they need to move or they have some other grudge against the home seller, regardless, it doesn’t make it easy to sell the home if this sort of relationship exists.

A real estate agent can request that a rental home be shown “By Appointment Only” if the house is occupied by a difficult renter.  However, take into consideration that in a buyer’s market, where there are many homes that are for sale, then chances are, a buyer will more likely choose to skip your Windsor home and go to one that they can view at their convenience, not yours or your renters.  Because your tenants are not required to leave during a showing and if they choose to stay, chances are your buyers will feel very uncomfortable viewing the house as well.  Usually, buyers won’t speak freely nor list their concerns in the presence of someone living there so the appointment is rushed and they hurry out.  This is exactly what you don’t need.  Once word gets around that your home generates difficult showings, your home will more than likely be avoided or shown as a last resort.

So, unless you have a wonderful relationship with your tenants, it’s best to show the house vacant.  If it is affordable, hire a professional stager to come and get your house ready so buyers won’t be walking from one empty room into another.  This way, your Windsor home will always be ready for buyers and there will be no renter hassles while trying to sell your home quickly and for the best possible price.

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