Should I Stage my Windsor Home?

Posted in Selling Blog | 10/01/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

In one word:  Yes!  In today’s crowded real estate market, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so it’s important to make the right first impression.

Before you put your Windsor home on the market, it would be wise to make an appointment with a professional home stager.  Studies have shown that staged properties spend 83 percent less time on the market than nonstaged homes.  Better yet, on average there is a 3 percent minimum increase in the final sales price.  While certainly there are no guarantees that your home will have this sort of success, it is true that staged homes offer the potential buyer an opportunity to see your home in the best possible light.  Currently, only 10 percent of homebuyers can actually visualize the potential of a home. The other 90 percent focuses on the flaws, the seller’s personal materials and furnishing that are often not strategically placed to maximize the feeling of space.

So why hire a professional?  Home sellers are usually too emotionally involved to do it properly themselves.  Like we view our children, we don’t always see all of our homes imperfections. If something cannot be seen objectively, then chances are it can’t be packaged effectively. Hiring a professional is where the greatest returns come in, as they know how to dress your house for sale.

After your Windsor home has been cleaned, decluttered and minor repairs fixed, a stager will come in and make your space feel bigger, highlight the positives and minimize the negatives. The goal?  You want the buyer to walk in and say, “I could live here.”

The fees to stage your Windsor home vary depending on your needs and your budget.  While this may seem like an unnecessary expense, there is not a home on the market today that would not benefit from some carefully manipulated staging.  While the fees may seem difficult to justify, it will always be far less than a price reduction.  Now that is money well spent.



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