Should You Make Every Repair For Your Windsor Home For Sale?

Posted in General Blog | 06/01/2013

Windsor House For Sale

Windsor House For Sale

Let’s talk about your Windsor home for sale.  There is no doubt that home repairs boost your selling profits.  Buyers like to walk in and see a house that not only sparkles but also where they don’t see warning signs, such as dripping faucets, peeling paint and signs of water damage.

But which repairs bring the greatest return?  This often depends on the real estate market and the competing inventory.  It also depends on the buyer.  Some clients don’t care if minor, even some major, repairs are needed if it gets them in the right school district and neighbourhood.  In a buyer’s market, sellers should do everything they can to make their home better than the competition.  So it really is a question that doesn’t have a concrete answer.

While there is no hard rule on this, there are guidelines a seller needs to follow when selling their property.  Let’s breakdown the following:


Wood floors continue to be a very popular item for buyers.  If you have an older home where the flooring is covered by carpet, chances are a buyer will ask their agent if hardwood is underneath.  If it is, it would be wise to have the carpeting removed and the floors finished.  This repair will reap a seller big time when they put their homes on the market.  Look at it this way:  You rarely, if ever see a description of a home for sale that says:

Wall-to-wall carpeting in every room!

This won’t attract one buyer.  What will is:

Beautiful hardwood flooring throughout home!

If you have ceramic flooring, repair any chipped or cracked tiles.  This is a repair that will need to be done and don’t forget to clean or replace grout if it is dirty.

If you do have carpet, make sure it is clean.  Unless it’s heavily damaged or threadbare, then you may not need to replace.  A good cleaning by a professional usually does the trick.


A gallon of paint will be your best friend.  It’s not only cost-effective, but it can dramatically change a room.  A small darkly painted room can be brought to life with a can of neutral paint.  Also, don’t forget the ceilings.  Surprisingly, buyers do look up and examine for any water damage.  Nothing says clean and fresh like new paint.  And if you are in doubt of a widely acceptable and popular colour, then use tan, the same colour as coffee with cream.


This can be hit or miss with buyers.  The old real estate rule is:  Buyers don’t necessarily hate wallpaper, only yours.  The best thing to do is get rid of it as it’s one less thing a buyer will comment on.  Use a wallpaper steam remover and it should easily come off.

Popcorn ceilings

This is a huge “no no” with buyers.  By all means, this is a repair that needs to be done.  Hire a professional or remove yourself, but be certain to properly research.


This is where you don’t have to make costly repairs if it’s not needed.  Even if you have a dated kitchen, you don’t need to remodel, but rather make simple updates where it will best fit your budget.

  • Cabinets:  You don’t need to replace, as this is a huge and costly improvement.  Consider resurfacing or painting.  If that’s not doable, simply change the hardware for a more modern look.  One client went to her local hardware store and replaced her old, worn looking and dated gold knobs and replaced with a more stylish pattern and it make a good improvement.
  • Countertops, sinks and faucets:  You don’t need to put in granite countertops.  If you have tile, make sure it looks clean and any chips or cracks are repaired.  Repair any sinks that are stained and use newer faucets for an updated look.


Most real estate agents will agree:  dated bathrooms are a huge turnoff, especially ones that have stained sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets.  At the very least, if repairs or updating cannot be made, it must sparkle and be thoroughly cleaned.  But any repairs and updating will pay off, up to 100%, so this is something that sellers should consider.


Nothing sends a seller into panic mode when they find out their roof needs to be replaced as they prepare to sell their home.  If you are able, then do it as it’s one less thing a buyer needs to worry about. If not, talk to your real estate agent for your options, but chances are, you will lower the price of your home.

For every home, regardless of budget, you need to make your home appealing.  Plant flowers, fix or paint fences, repair any drippy faucets or leaks.  Buyers don’t want to walk into a home and see a whole slew of problems and maintenance issues.

Getting a home ready to sell is often not easy and yes, it does take some elbow grease.  But walk around with your real estate agent and find what absolutely needs to be repaired and what updates need to be made.  Again, you don’t have to do everything, but make it so your home looks ready for new owners.




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