Showing Your Windsor Property For Sale When You Have Small Children

Posted in General Blog | 14/08/2012

Windsor Property For Sale

Windsor Property For Sale

If you have a Windsor property for sale it’s always great news when your real estate agent calls and says you have a showing.  But what happens if you have small children at home?  What if they are taking a nap or if you are in the middle of a meal?  What about the toys that are often scattered about the home? Sometimes, it’s not so great when you hear you have a showing, particularly if it is last minute!

So what is a homeowner to do?  Here are some ideas that have worked well for others that have been in this situation.

1.  Let your realtor know that you need at least 30 minutes before a showing.  Hopefully, this will be enough time to wake your children and get them ready to leave.  If you are in the middle of a meal, you can clean up while they finish, then leave.

2.  If your children are older, then make a game out of getting the house ready.  When you find out you have a showing, see what child can pick up the toys the fastest.  While they are busy doing this, you can run a vacuum or clean the kitchen.  When it’s all cleaned, take everyone out for ice cream or head to the park.

3.  Now is the time to clean as you go when you have a Windsor property for sale.  This is probably the best advice we can give preparing for those last minute showings.

4.  Many parents have suggested that you only have enough dishes for one day, which will make it easier to keep dishes clean as well as making your cabinets look like they have plenty of space.  Use paper goods when you can and eat outside! Have a picnic and enjoy the last days of summer!

5.  When you and your family stay home all day, do a quick, 20 minute cleaning three times a day. You would be surprised how much work you can finish.

6.  Have your car ready to go with a box of essentials.  When you have a last minute showing, make sure you have a container with juice boxes, snacks, change of clothing for your children, and small toys so that you don’t need to run and gather these up when minutes are ticking away!

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