Simple Repairs To Make To Your Windsor Property For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 30/06/2012

Windsor Property For Sale

Windsor Property For Sale

When putting your Windsor property for sale on the market your goal should be to have buyers leave without concerns about any repairs on your home.  A simple walk around your house to catch any problems, however small, will have buyers comfortable about making an appointment to view your home again.

Sometimes, even the simple of things can trigger a buyer’s imagination.  If you have a simple faucet drip, a buyer can imagine all kinds of plumbing problems.  Here are some simple, low cost repairs to make now:

1.  Clean the roof:  If you have missing shingles or a roof that needs some tidying up, do it now.  A buyer will assume that if a roof doesn’t look well cared for, then it probably has some problems.  While this may be far from the truth, don’t let the thought entertain them.

2.  Repair screen doors:  Make the most of that valuable first impression and replace any broken or ragged screen doors.  If you don’t, then a buyer will make a mental note that that is one thing they will have to fix.  Buyers don’t like to see that the minute the set foot on your Windsor property for sale.

3.  Fix leaky faucets:  Speaking of leaky faucets as we did above, make those repairs now as again, buyers assume the worst if they see anything that is leaking or dripping.

4.  Replace or repair flooring if damaged.  If you have flooring that is damaged due to moisture or carpets are soiled, then make steps to repair or replace as needed.  Don’t simply put a rug to conceal any damages.  If it looks like you are hiding something, a buyer will rightly suspect that you are hiding other issues.

5.  Paint and patch:  If you have a room that is in dire need of a paint job, do it now.  Take care to repair any nail holes as well and create a bright, airy, clutter free home that appeals to all buyers.  If you simply leave your bright orange room alone, then chances are you won’t get the offers.

6.  Repair cabinets.  Are your kitchen or bathroom cabinets filled with scratches?  There are many products out there that can improve the look of your cabinets. Ask your real estate agent if they can recommend any after reviewing your woodwork.

7.  Stop smoking.  Quite simply, if you are a smoker and enjoy smoking in your home, then it’s time to take it outside.  By simply airing out your home and getting rid of anything that is penetrated with smoke, you are appealing to all buyers.  We have seen buyers walk out of Windsor property for sale immediately if they smell smoke.

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