Simple Repairs You Must Make For Your Windsor House For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 18/11/2013

Windsor Ontario House For Sale

Windsor Ontario House For Sale

If you are selling in 2014, plan on making some repairs to your Windsor home for sale prior to listing.  It’s important that every seller know that every house will need some sort of repair as there is no such thing as a perfect property.  Buyers do pay attention to the littlest things and if they see several repairs, from big to small, they are slowly deducting dollars from their offer, or they will walk away.

I urge all of my clients who are selling their homes to get a professional home inspection PRIOR to selling.  Most sellers often are struck by this because they assume, correctly, that a buyer will get their own inspection once an offer has been accepted.  But getting an inspector to look over your property is a good head start to making the necessary repairs before a buyer even walks into your home.  Once the repairs have been made, a seller should keep the receipts and show the house has not only been inspected, but repaired as well.  This is always welcoming news to any buyer.

At the very least, buyers should look over and repair the following as this is what buyers and agents often notice.

1.  Screen doors:

It’s not a good first impression for a buyer to be greeted by a screen door that needs to be repaired.  If it is sagging, or has numerous holes and/or ripped in areas, then replace.  Check the window screens including the back door as well.  Keep in mind that everything at the entrance of the home should look clean and tidy.

2.  Roof:

Most of the times, a roof needs only a simple cleaning to make all of the difference in the world.  Buyers will look at the roof the second they get out of the car as this is usually a huge expense that buyers don’t want to take on when buying a home.  And nothing sends an alarm to a real estate agents or their clients than a roof that has missing or broken shingles and hanging gutters.  Hire a professional roofer to replace damaged shingles and clean the roof if necessary.  Keep in mind that using a high pressure power washer can do more damage than good, so only hire a professional, well-respected roofing company.

3.  Gutters:

Giving your gutters a cleaning and making sure all debris is gone is an excellent idea before you sell your home, especially at this time of the year.  Make sure the water can flow easily and the downspouts are securely attached to the home facing away from the foundation.

4.  Replace damaged flooring:

If you have flooring that has seen better days, such as scratched hardwood or broken tiles, then you will need to have it repaired or replaced.  If your carpeting is dirty, then it should be professionally cleaned.  If you have stains that simply won’t go away, or if the carpet is threadbare, replace with a mid-priced neutral carpeting.  Your real estate agent should have good advice on what needs to be done in regards to your flooring and what buyers will notice.  Take into consideration that your flooring may not look as bad as you think, and only a good cleaning is needed.

5.  Leaky faucets:

The drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet should be repaired ASAP.  This is usually a very simple fix and can take less than an hour.  However, if it’s something you don’t feel comfortable repairing, it is well worth the cost to hire a plumber.

6.  Paint/patch nail holes:

images-10If your walls are dingy with lots of markings and nail holes, it is in your best interest to re-paint in a neutral colour to give it a refreshing and polished look.  The same for rooms that are wallpapered: remove and paint to appeal to the vast majority of buyers.  A gallon of paint costs little but the rewards are overwhelming.  Buyers will take note that painting is one less thing they will need to do.

If you cannot make the needed repairs, then you will have to make the adjustment in your price.  A seller can not expect to get top dollar for a home that needs numerous repairs in today’s market.  In an active seller’s market, this is not unheard of, but today, buyers want a home that is as move in ready as possible.  Making any repairs, no matter how small, from a leaky faucet to filling nail holes, will make a world of difference.


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