Six Reasons To Buy Windsor New Homes

Posted in Buyer Blog | 15/07/2012

Windsor New Homes

Windsor New Homes

Buying Windsor new homes certainly has its plusses, particularly because buyers love the latest conveniences, but also it can be cheaper in the long run.  Here are some reasons why:

1.  Many new homes come with a warranty on major repairs, such as electrical and plumbing.  If there is a problem, it may be covered. When repairing fixtures from older homes, it can be costly.

2.  New construction is usually more energy efficient.  For example, low-emittance windows, up to date insulation materials and energy efficient appliances are the norm.

3.  Older homes can contain asbestos and lead paint.  It’s hard to believe that this is still possible, but keep in mind that this can be true with homes several decades old.

4.  The majority of homebuyers today are not looking for mini-mansions that were so popular ten years ago.  Now they prefer smaller, more efficient homes that allow a lifestyle that is not filled with weekend chores and upkeep.  These type of Windsor new homes are much more affordable in the long run and create a greater quality of life.

5. With newer appliances and amenities, Windsor new homes can offer some of the latest in technology that can save you time and make life simpler.  Also, with many new homes, you are able to select and choose your paint, carpet and other features to make this truly your own.  This is much cheaper than remodeling an older home if costs are a huge concern to you.

6.  You can often get good deal when negotiating for a new home.  Builders want to work with you, and if you offer a respectable price and maybe ask for some additional features, it might be entertained.  Talk with your real estate agent and ask for their advice when making an offer on Windsor new homes.

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