Small Windsor Homes For Sale!

Posted in Buyer Blog | 14/06/2012

Windsor Homes

Windsor Homes

You have been searching and searching for months at all of the Windsor homes for sale.  Finally, you found your home!  The problem?  It’s smaller than what you were looking for.  If that is what is holding you back from making your purchase, then think again.  Smaller homes are very popular right now in the real estate market for a variety of reasons, the main one, being it’s less expensive to maintain.  While you may not get that extra living space, you will be making up for it in so many more ways.

1.  More Leisure Time:  You will spend less time maintaining your smaller home than you would with a larger one.  Less housework, less yard work, less maintenance means more time for hobbies and family time.

2.  Live Simply.  Yes, living in smaller homes means you don’t have the storage space as you would with larger Windsor homes for sale.  But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing because it makes you think about what you need and what you don’t need.  Living a simple life is what so many are striving for these days.  By being organized and carefully storing your belonging, not only will you know where everything is, but also it will be easier to find.

3.  More Money:  With smaller spaces, you will save money when redecorating or updating.  Do you want granite countertops? Obviously, it’s much more affordable to replace those counters in a smaller kitchen.  Hardwood floors?  You will like the price much better for a home with less square footage as opposed to a much larger home.  With the money you save, maybe you can consider a long awaited vacation.

4.  Easier To Sell:  Like all Windsor homes for sale, most buyers want to purchase a home that is easy for resale.  With utility costs rising, the economy still hobbling along, buying a smaller, more affordable home will never be a bad idea.  It is much easier to sell your smaller property than it is to sell a mini mansion as there is a much wider target group looking for affordable housing.

5.  Keeps Family Close:  It is often heard that with large homes, families scatter.  The children scatter to their rooms or bonus room while parents wander into their home office or sitting room.  In smaller homes, parents interact more with their children and they can keep closer tabs on what everyone is doing.  Rarely, do parents complain about that.



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