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Posted in General Blog | 23/11/2012

Windsor House

Windsor House

Social media is no longer just a way to connect with old friends.  In fact, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are just three of the vital components in marketing your house.  And while these websites are important to exposing your home to a whole new audience, it is necessary to have a strategy.  You simply cannot start Tweeting or Facebooking indiscriminately as that’s a good way to lose followers.  Instead, when selling your property, take a few minutes and figure out who your target buyer is:

  • If you have a starter home or condo, target renters who are interested in purchasing their first home.
  • Live in an excellent school district?  Is your neighbourhood family friendly?  Then concentrate on young families.
  • Is your home near a nature reserve?  Are there lots of parks and walking paths nearby?  Those buyers who desire this sort of lifestyle should be targeted.
  • Do you live in a retirement community?  Are you close to shopping, public transportation and local entertainment?  Those who wish to live close to everything, including those retired need to be informed.

Finding A Social Media Friendly Realtor

Not too long ago, I heard from a client who was considering hiring a certain real estate agent, but that agent claimed that they rarely used Facebook and didn’t have any idea what Twitter was.  Needless to say, those clients moved on.  Why?  Because using an agent who does not use social media is like cutting the amount of prospective buyers in half and those media savvy clients knew this.  While there are no hard stats on how many homes have sold via Facebook, there is no denying that it creates an audience, particularly if you have friends who see your home, and pass it along to one of their friends.

Look at it this way.  Let’s take the example that you are selling a condo.  As mentioned above, this is the sort of property that first time buyers consider.  Therefore, targeting renters is necessary.  When promoting your property, an agent should put special emphasis on this select clientele.  How do they do this?  By social networking.  A Facebook post could show a listing of the property and ask followers to forward to any renters who may be looking for their first home.  On average, this post will be shared over 50 percent of the time.  That means we have increased our potential buyer list by over half.

Keep Clients Engaged

The key to a successful media campaign is to continue to engage your clients.  Building a relationship and reputation within the real estate industry is essential in finding and selling the best properties as quickly as possible.  A stale or static web presence is not a key for success.  And it’s also worth noting that the social media industry is still young.  This time next year, it will be a whole other ball game, with other high profile sites taking the place of those that we eagerly use now.  So it’s important to not only find an agent that is up on the current trends, but also has an eye on what’s coming up next.  It’s a time consuming strategy, but it simply is the best way to promote your home.

Here’s a rundown on how we can use Social Media to sell your home:


Using hash tags allows a seller to use specific keywords.  If someone is looking for followers regarding moving, buying or relocating, then a conversation can be followed through hash tags.  It’s a great way to create interest in a property or location.


This is one of the more effective ways in getting your home sold.  Here, agents can connect with other agents, offering sales information about your home.  There are also discussion groups in your area and this is where online conversation can begin when promoting your property.


By posting a link to your property it can be shared in less than a second.  A buzz can start with a simple sentence, such as,

“Looking to buy in a great school district?  Take a peek at this amazing house, priced to sell!”

The good news is, even if your followers aren’t interested in the house, they may very well know someone who is.

So in this world of social media, getting information to your buyers is easy.  Real estate agents who don’t use this valuable and free promotion are not creating the buzz that is vital in selling your home quickly.  So never hesitate to share your home, pictures and stories and let potential buyers know that your Windsor house for sale exists.  Make sure that you don’t spam, or continually sell your home.  If your followers are bombarded with a constant sales pitch, then you run the risk of being ignored, or unfollowed.  The primary purpose is interaction, and people will feel taken advantage of if they are overwhelmed with advertising.






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