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Posted in General Blog | 06/04/2013

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There are a great number of Windsor properties coming on the market this spring and well into summer.  It’s a busy time for both buyers and sellers and we expect this year to be one of the more active buying seasons than we have seen in quite some time.  With interest rates still low and buyers feeling more confident, it will be interesting to see what happens.  But real estate is a very good investment and there are many terrific good deals out there however, prices are inching up.

For sellers, now is a great time to put your home on the market as buyers are out in force.  For those that want to sell quickly, it’s imperative you follow these spring staging tips:

1.  Landscape!  When selling this time of the year, it is necessary to get your yard in good shape as soon as possible.  Make sure winter debris is cleared, and get seasonal frost-resistant plants when those cold spell suddenly hits.  But don’t consider silk or artificial flowers.  They look cheap and buyers aren’t impressed.

2.  Spring clean!  Make sure your house not only is spotless, but smells fresh as well.  A clean home makes every home look and feel better and buyers take note.

3.  Get rid of winter wardrobe:  Chances are, you have lots of jackets, scarfs and other winter gear in your closets.  Unfortunately, they take up lots of room and buyers want to see spacious storage room.  So pack them up and store where buyers won’t find them.

4.  Clean entry way:  Sprucing up your entry way means getting rid of winter dirt, replacing the welcome mat, getting rid of cobwebs and dust and setting a welcoming tone for your home.  That first impression is vital.

5.  Have fresh flowers at home:  Cut some tulips or other spring flowers that are lightly scented and spread throughout the home.  I advise against anything that is too fragrant as you never know if buyers have allergies.  The same goes with candles and potpourri that can be too overpowering.

images-26.  Get rid of the flannel:  I mentioned this on a recent post, but it bears repeating.  Consider getting rid of anything that says “winter” and “cold.”  Yes, it may still be freezing outside, but buyers, like all of us,  have spring and warmer weather on the brain.  Put out crisp linens, colourful tablecloths that are bright and cheery.  And again, accent pillows make a huge difference.

For those preparing their home for a summer sale, again, stage for the season.

1.  Emphasize your outdoor areas:  Make sure your deck, porch, outdoor kitchen, swimming pool or any other outdoor feature looks well cared for.  Make necessary repairs and repaint if necessary.  One staging tip for those that don’t have a patio, is to make a sitting area with outdoor furniture to create the illusion of an outdoor room. Maybe surround with an firepit that is available at most home department stores. Also, walk around your property and inspect siding and windows.

2.  Keep yard clear of toys:  If you have a yard that looks like the neighbourhood hangout for kids, make sure that all toys, water slides, bikes, etc., are cleared away before buyers show up.  This also includes landscaping equipment and water hoses.

3.  As mentioned, if you have a pool, play it up.  Yes, many buyers don’t want a swimming pool, but there are plenty that do or, maybe will consider it as long as your pool looks inviting.  It’s amazing that some buyers never even think of a pool until it’s a sweltering hot day.  So make sure it is clean of debris and hide all pool toys as well as pool maintenance items.

4.  Add outdoor lighting:  A home that is appropriately lit looks great for buyers. Solar lights along a walk way or landscaping gives your home a stylish touch.

5.  Now is not the time to skimp on air conditioning:  Imagine you are a buyer walking into your home on one of the hottest days of summer.  They are eager to feel fresh, comfortable air.  Not only does it make them stay longer, but it shows them you have a properly working air conditioner.  So set it at a nice temperature so it doesn’t feel like you are at the North Pole either.

6.  Provide cool drinks:  Buyers who look for homes during the summer are often exhausted by the middle of the day.  The weather is warm, they have been to several houses already with more to go.  Chances are, they are ready for a refreshing drink.  Provide ice-cold water bottles in a decorative bowl filled with ice or consider a pitcher of lemonade.  Remember, anything you can do to make them stay longer and to make your property stand out is all the better.


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