Stage Your Windsor Ontario Condo For Sale Quickly!

Posted in General Blog | 18/11/2013

Windsor Condo For Sale

Windsor Condo For Sale

Are you having problems separating your Windsor Ontario condo for sale from the competition?  If several units are for sell in your development, you need to make sure your condo stands out.  Buyers often get overwhelmed when looking at various condos as they soon start to look alike but they always remember those that are priced right, clean and get the most out of its space.

Here are some very effective and quick ways to stage your condo not only quickly, but also for not a lot of money:

1.  Simple window treatments:

Remove any heavy drapery as that can make a room look smaller and the ceilings lower.  Anything that is over the top fussy is a big no-no when selling any home, let alone a condo.  Any discount chain store sales quality window treatments that look great and don’t cost an arm and a leg.  Always go for simple in a neutral colour so it proves not to be a distraction.

2.  Updated appliances:

Having updated appliances in a kitchen, such as stainless steel, makes a huge impact on buyers.  Having a newer kitchen is especially appealing if the condo is older.  There is no need to buy the highest end appliances as mid-range will do.  Take away all knick knacks from the counters to create a more spacious kitchen.  Consider adding up to date hardware for the cabinets and always make sure the kitchen is spotlessly clean.  You want to show the buyers that your condo has an effective kitchen that is ready for them to entertain and cook.

3.  Balcony:

If your condo has a balcony or patio, especially with a view, make sure you play this up!  Take away any clutter and forget about hanging too many flower baskets or potted plants.  Buyers will want to walk around and take in the scenery, so create a nice seating area that won’t overwhelm the space.  A simple plant will do and don’t forget to make sure the area is well swept and removed of bugs and other pests.

4.  Clean Carpet and Flooring:

With smaller condos especially, it is important that flooring look immaculate.  If you have dated, older carpeting, then consider changing to a neutral colour.  If you have hardwood floors, have them cleaned and polished so they really stand out.  But if your carpeting just needs a good cleaning, hire a professional cleaner or rent a machine from a local home improvement store.

5.  Create Storage:

images-2Most condos don’t have adequate storage and this is one reason why condos are questionable for many buyers.  Get rid of whatever you no longer want or need and pack away all summer clothes.  The goal is to leave your closet about 1/3 full.  This is the same with bathroom and kitchen cabinets.  You want the buyer to look in and see a well-organized space.  If necessary, hire a small storage unit.

6.  Store large furniture:

Again, you want to  show ample space, so remove any large or overstuffed furniture to create an open space.  If you have a smaller living room, do you really need a couch, coffee table AND chair, end table? If you have a smaller bedroom, take out the king sized bed and opt for a smaller queen or full.

7.  Remove extra clutter:

Again, this is true in every home sale, but never more than with condos.  You want a buyer to walk in and see the special features, not all of your “stuff.”  Take away anything that is personal, like pictures, sports memorabilia or any other collections.  Show off what makes your condo special.

8.  Paint:

A fresh coat of neutral paint works absolute wonders when selling a home and it’s the biggest bang you can get for your buck.  Buyers want to see a home that is fresh, clean and updated, so for $30 or so for a gallon of paint, you are making a huge impression for your buyers that won’t break your wallet.

9.  Amenities:

If your condo has  terrific, highly sought after amenities, like a swimming pool, weight room, fireplace, etc., then give it some extra attention.  Have a fact sheet about your condo available and include every amenity.  Don’t forget to mention the condo’s location if it’s close to entertainment, businesses and access to work.

Remember, the overall goal is for a buyer to walk inside and recognize why condo living is so appealing. Call Windsor real estate agents at 519-944-5955

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