Staging A Bathroom for Your Windsor Homes For Sale

Posted in Selling Blog | 29/07/2012

Windsor Homes For Sale

Windsor Homes For Sale

Without a doubt, for many buyers, looking into the bathrooms of several Windsor homes for sale is often an uncomfortable experience.  Buyers just don’t like to snoop in someone’s shower, or lift a toilet seat in another person’s bathroom. Often sellers just don’t properly prepare their bathrooms so that many buyers will open the door, glance in, and walk right out.  As a real estate agent, it is important that every room impress a buyer.  If a buyer walks away and sees a clean, nicely organized bathroom, they walk away feeling confident that the rest of the home is well taken care of as well.

Here are a few good ways to stage a bathroom.  Yes, it’s the room most buyers spend the least amount of time in, but in that small time frame, a buyer takes away much:

1.  Grab some bleach and start cleaning.  Scrub from one end of the room to the other.  If you don’t like to use bleach, use an organic cleanser.  The goal is for a buyer to walk away and not only see clean, but to smell it as well.

2.  Don’t forget to clean the shower curtains.  Make everything sparkle in your Windsor home for sale.  Get rid of all mold if there is any.  The shower is the number one place for mold growth, so use a cleanser like TileX.  Pay special attention to corners.

3.  Take away all personal items.  When a buyer looks into a bathroom and sees shampoo, toothbrushes and anything remotely personal, it reminds them that this is YOUR home.  Buyers need to identify with every room and think of it as theirs.  They can’t do that when a person’s most personal items are on display.

4.  Use freshly cleaned towels for displaying.  Nothing says “ugh,” like bathroom towels that are dirty and hung carelessly throughout the room.

5.  Make sure all outdated, dirty and frayed rugs are removed.  Replace with something new and neutral.

6.  Take all medications out of the room.  If you don’t want buyers knowing your business, then remove it.

7.  Fix all leaky faucets in your Windsor home for sale.  Don’t give a buyer any reason to worry.

8.  If your cabinets have seen better days, polish or repaint.  Replace knobs with a more updated version.

9.  Finally, place fresh flowers near the sink. Make sure counters are cleared and use a light and fresh fragrance to scent the room.

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