Staging Family Windsor Properties

Posted in General Blog | 22/08/2012

Windsor Properties

Windsor Properties

Let’s face it, when you have children and you are trying to stage Windsor properties, it may be like mixing oil and water.  Some things just aren’t easy.  We’ve often discussed the importance and value of staging homes, but we came across some additional good ideas for those that are trying to sell a home with children.  Again, it is a challenging task, but if you know what you are getting into and prepare effectively, it’s a job that can be manageable.

1.  Allow one box of toys per child.  Keep small, messy toys away, such as legos (ever step on a lego?  You don’t want a buyer to!) or Play-Doh.  Last thing you want to do as you rush to show your house is to scrub Play-Doh off your carpeting.

2.  Take away all large items.  Do your children have the play kitchen sets or slides in the house?  They can make a room look smaller.  Pack and store away so you can have valuable floor space.

3.  Use friendly, attractive storage.  Visit a popular container store and see what they have available for storing toys.  Find cubical shelves, nice baskets or anything that will make cleaning up toys easier yet won’t turn off buyers.

4.  Keep outdoor toys organized.  Make sure bikes are not left in the yard but rather neatly stored.  If you have a swimming pool, make sure all water toys, rafts and beach towels are all properly put away.

5.  Some stagers recommend using one bedroom while your home is on the market.  That’s right, it may seem daunting, but if you are experiencing lots of showings, it may be easier to clean only one bedroom as opposed to several.  This also applies to using one bathroom.  Fun?  Not really, but it may be helpful in the long run.

6.  Donate: Now is the time to donate any old or used toys that your children don’t play with anymore.  Remember, the less a buyer sees, the better.

Selling Windsor properties is not easy when you have small children.  As real estate agents, we understand this.  But buyers are always pleasantly surprised when they see a well-organized, clean house where small children live.  They assume, correctly, that a seller is serious about selling their home.

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