Staging Your Windsor Home For Spring

Posted in General Blog | 29/01/2013


Windsor Home

I know, I know, we are in the middle of winter and I’m talking about spring. But for those who plan to sell their Windsor home this spring, it’s a process to get the property ready for the market.  That is why now is the time to get started and not just a week before you put a “For Sale” sign in the front yard.

We are anticipating a much improved spring real estate market for 2013.  For the first time in several years, we are seeing movement with homes selling at increased prices and at less time.  Homes priced right and in good condition are going quickly.  If you want your house to be one of those sold sooner rather than later, it’s time to get moving.

1. Spring Clean

Remember when spring cleaning was an annual event for our parents and grandparents?  They would scrub until the home sparkled.  That is exactly what needs to be done for your property.  Get rid of what you no longer need and clean the rest.  Don’t forget windows, baseboards, walls and flooring.  Clean out closets and organize your cupboards.

If you have hardwood flooring, make sure they look in excellent condition.  If not, you may need to buff and polish.  Give carpets a thorough cleaning.  One of the best products we have seen are the Magic Erasers that are sold in grocery and home improvement stores. They work great on baseboards and walls.

2.  Get Rid Of Dark and Dreary

Winter colours need to be replaced with spring colours.  Put away your winter blankets, throws and accessories and replace with bright throws, flower printed pillows and towels.  Replace dark candles with colours such as lavender, yellow, pale blue and sage green.  Forget about fragrances in cinnamon and vanilla and replace with lightly scented florals, cotton, sand or beach scented.

3.  Sun!

After a cold winter, everyone is ready for some sun.  Make sure that your rooms are bright and cheery and full of light.  Pull back curtains and drapes, raise blinds and shades.  Of course, spring in Windsor can also be cold, so if the weather is not cooperating, make sure you leave the lights on before a showing.

4.  Flowers!

Bring in seasonal flowers, like tulips or daffodils.  Put in vases and place strategically throughout the house.  A good place is on the kitchen table or counter as well as a nightstand next to your bed.  A simple flower in a bud vase is nice next to a bathroom sink.

5.  Clear Counters

Take away just about everything from your kitchen counters.  This includes toasters, mixer and coffeemaker.  Yes, it’s not convenient, but to a buyer, it looks cluttered.  Store in cupboard if there is room.  If not, then put in a box and place elsewhere where a buyer won’t notice.  Put the above mentioned vase of flowers on the counter or perhaps a bowl of seasonal fruit.

6.  Curb Appeal

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

And don’t forget the outside, which is critical for creating the valuable first impression.  Make sure all holiday decorations are down, and yes, that includes holiday lights.  Plant seasonal flowers in attractive planters, have a spring themed welcome mat and clean the front entrance well.  If necessary, paint the front door if it has seen better days.  One good idea is to have an umbrella stand by the front door prior to a showing if the weather calls for rain.  Buyers like this convenience and it makes them feel welcome.  Remember the back patio as well.  Potted flowers in bright colours leave a cheery impression for those viewing your home.

7.  Landscape

If necessary, hire a landscaper to do a good spring cleaning in your yard.  Let them remove fallen leaves, weed, fertilize, mow and trim any bushes or trees necessary.  It’s also a good time to remove any bushes or dead plants that didn’t survive the winter.

As you can see, these are projects that can’t be handled in just a few days.  The real estate market is going to be busy and in order for your home to be considered by buyers, it’s necessary to start preparing your home today.  It will be the best time you can spend on your house because it will increase the value of your home.  Sellers that create a welcoming, clean and fresh environment will sell their home for top dollar and quickly.  For additional tips and information, contact our offices and let us help you sell your home this spring.

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