Staging Your Windsor Home Living Room

Posted in General Blog | 17/08/2012

Windsor Home For Sale

Windsor Home For Sale

In previous posts, we discussed staging tips for your Windsor home kitchen.  Today, let’s discuss the living room.  Recently a seller asked if it would be better to stage a living room, or leave it empty since they had moved.  No doubt about it, a home shows better when it has furniture. Staging a home can mean the difference between a home that sells, and one that languishes on the market.

So what can a seller do when they list their vacant Windsor home for sale?  The key is to draw the buyer in and make them fall in love with the home.  It’s difficult to do that when the house is empty.

Before staging the living room, take a look around.  What is the focal point?  If the room feels cold, then it conveys that it is just a room and nothing more.  Here are some tips on what stagers do to bring warmth to transform a room.

1.  Put a mirror over the fireplace.  Add a few candles and your eye is immediately drawn to the fireplace.

2.  Add a rug under the coffee table.  Place some home decoration magazines on the table, or a size appropriate plant.

3.  Speaking of plants, use them to hide cable wires if necessary.  Buyers don’t want to see anything that is distracting, and no matter what you do, wires and cords are not a good look.

4.  Add bright colors for accents only.  It makes the living room in your Windsor home for sale pop with a bit of personality.

5.  Add knickknacks in groupings of 3, 5 or 7.  But don’t over do it.  Just a few are plenty, especially with bookshelves.  Add a few books and knickknacks, but let the buyer imagine what his belongings will look like in the space.

6.  Use smaller chairs and sofas to make the room seem larger.  Arrange in vignettes for conversation areas if space allows.

7.  Don’t block windows!  Make the room appear bright and airy.

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