Storage Solutions For Your Windsor House For Sale

Posted in General Blog | 08/10/2013

Windsor House For Sale

Windsor House For Sale

When preparing your  Windsor house for sale, it is imperative that your home is clutter free.  Buyers don’t want to open closets and see an overwhelming amount of clothes and personal belongings packed to the limit.  The same goes with overflowing cupboards and pantries.  This is particularly true for smaller homes as it can make a home looked cramped and even tinier. The goal, for any property on the market, is to make every room and every space look bigger.

Prior to selling your home, it is necessary to take as much time as needed to organize your household.  One of the very best things you can do is ask a friend or family member to walk around with you and help you get rid of anything that can detract from the sale of your property.  Even ask your real estate agent who should always be willing to give their professional advice on what buyers want to see in a home.  Once you have a clear idea of what you need to do, make three piles:  Donate, Sell, Storage.  Once you have completed this task, and for some it may take several weeks, for others a weekend or two, it’s time to find storage for belongings that you need to remove so buyers can see that you have ample space.

The good news?  Many clients have come up with great storage ideas that are worth passing on.  Here are some of the best solutions that we have heard:

1.  Luggage:

If you are selling your home this fall or winter, pack your summer clothes or any other accessories in your luggage.

2.  Stacked Wicker Baskets:

If you have a small room, such as a bedroom or bathroom, use stacked wicker baskets to not only add storage but a nice visual as well.  Baskets can be placed at the foot of a bed or under a pedestal sink.

3.  Add cubbies and pegboard in garage:

In a garage, store items in cubbies and fill it with items that you use outside, such as tools, camping and sport equipment.  Use netting to prevent things such as balls from rolling off.  Home improvement stores have great pegboards that can be hung on garage walls.  Use these to put up any other tools or extra equipment that won’t fit in cubbies.

4.  Under the bed:

images-2We all hide things under the bed, but when selling your home, this is the perfect location to store those rarely used kitchen items, like muffin tins, trays and holiday dishes.  Another good location for these items is inside the oven.

5. Storage Go-Round:

Do you have lots of medications and pill bottles?  First aid, such a band-aids? If you are like many, these items can take up lots of space and look disorganized. Use a lazy Susan to organize medicines.  Of course, put in a safe location away from children.  In a basket, store items such as suntan lotions, ointments, etc.

6. Shower hooks:

Use shower hooks in your closet to hang purses, bags and belts.

7.  Wine rack:

Do you have lots of extra gift wrapping and ribbon stored in a variety of places in your home?  With the holidays coming up, you may want to keep these items close by.  Use a wine rack to organize your wrappings.  It stores easily and is ready when you feel like wrapping.

8.  Shoe organizer:

Not only are these great for shoes, but use them to store everything from personal hair styling tools, such as blow dryers, curling iron, etc to cleaning supplies.

Finally, start packing what you know you will no longer need and store neatly in a garage if at all possible.  This is the best thing to do when preparing your home for sale.  Buyers expect a garage to have boxes from a family who is getting ready to move as long as it is not overwhelming and placed sporadically which can prevent them seeing the garage in the best possible light.

Another idea worth passing on: to keep your home organized, especially for those last-minute showings, have a basket or plastic tub where last-minute clutter can go.  When leaving the home, throw it in the trunk of your car.  Buyers won’t see it and they won’t be distracted.



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