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Posted in General Blog | 01/10/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

Okay, I may have exaggerated with the title, as no move is completely stress free, especially when you are moving out of the country, with animals, children or all three. Stress Free Moving TipsBut if you simplify the process, by starting your paperwork and research early, then moving can really be an experience that doesn’t drive you and your family crazy.  We all need to move at some point in our lives, so here are a few things I have learned as a real estate agent.  I’m sharing some of the tips I have collected through the years from my own experiences and those of several clients.  If you can add to the list, let us know so we can share them at a later date.

1.  Moving Internationally:

As soon as possible, make contact with the embassy or consulate of your future home for all of the necessary information, work permits and visas.  It’s important to find a mover that has plenty of international experience.  By all means, book them as early as possible.  Also, keep in mind that the more you pack, the more you pay.  Check to see if it will be cheaper to buy new furniture, rather than send yours overseas.  Make sure everything is tightly packed, allowing little room for your belongings to suffer any damage.

2.  Moving with Pets:

Make plans to move your pets yourselves, as movers will not transport Fido.  Make sure you gather your pet’s medical information from your vet, and they are current on shots.  The reason?  If you are flying, it’s good to have this information.  Also, if you need to put Fido in a kennel at any point during your travels you will have to show proof that they are current with vaccinations. If you are flying, make sure you contact the airline prior for travel information and costs.  Make sure that when you arrive to your new home, that you keep your pet in a quiet, locked room so the movers don’t accidentally let them out while unloading your boxes and furniture.

3.  Moving with Children:

It goes without saying that moving day for children can be stressful.  Keep them in the loop about what is happening during this time.  The last thing they need is any preventable surprises, like, “Sorry, we forgot to tell you that you are sharing a room with your brother!”  Prior to your move, have copies of school transcripts, immunizations and medical records handy and ready to go. I learned several good lessons when packing for children, but my favorite is to pack their room last to avoid as much disruption as possible.  On moving day, make sure you have a bag of toys or handheld video games (fully charged!) so that they will keep busy, hopefully for a while!

4.  Downsizing:

So many are downsizing these days. Whether you are a baby boomer facing retirement, or you are craving a simpler life and tired of living in a mega mansion, buyers and sellers have let us know that smaller homes are growing in popularity once again.  So if you find yourself in this group, remember that movers estimate their prices on the amount you are moving, so don’t waste your money on transporting your possessions only to find out later that you don’t have enough room for it, or that you will store in your garage until you have a yard sale.  When packing, decide if you REALLY want to move a piece of furniture you haven’t used in years, or if you still think you want a garage full of equipment, despite the fact that you are moving into a condo.  If an item is really not wanted, have that yard sale now, donate it, or give it to a friend or family member.

A few more tips we recommend:

5. Don’t Hire Just Anyone:

Regardless if a mover is giving you a rock bottom deal, investigate and research and rely on recommendations from family, friends and co-workers.  Get at least three estimates and never hire a mover online.  Make sure they visit your home and view what you will be moving. Ask questions, such as:  Do you charge more for heavier items, pianos, stairs or repacking?  Can I get a copy of your insurance policy?  Protect yourself by looking for red flags.  If you have any doubts, or if something doesn’t seem right, then trust your instincts.

6.  Save Money By…..

If you don’t have to, avoid during the busy peak moving months, June, July and August.  The least expensive time to move is between October and April.  Also, moving companies often charge huge fees for packing supplies.  Use containers you already have, like plastic bins or suitcases.  Also, use linens and sheets to wrap your belongings.

Moving to or from a Windsor home can be expensive and stressful and in some cases, it doesn’t have to be.  The minute you have signed on the dotted line, and you know when you are moving, get started to make the whole process go as smoothly as possible.  Keep a folder with you that includes all pertinent information and phone numbers and we promise you, the experience won’t be as bad as you think.


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