Summer Curb Appeal For Windsor Ontario Homes That Will Sell Your Home!

Posted in General Blog | 04/06/2014

Windsor Ontario Home

Windsor Ontario Home

If you have listed your Windsor Ontario home and want to sell it this summer, you already know that by living in colder climates you a shorter time frame to get your home sold before temperatures drop again.  Summer is a very busy time for buyers as they want to get into their new house before school starts and, again, before winter arrives.

Therefore, it is imperative that your home stands out from the rest.  I have discussed this time and time again that in today’s real estate market, properties must WOW buyers at the very second they pull into your driveway.  There is no better way to do this than with excellent curb appeal.  Believe me, you don’t need lavish landscaping or gardens, nor over-the-top backyard amenities to make a good first impression.  What you do need is a neat, orderly and well-kept yard.

Not too long ago, I took a couple to look at a home that fit all of their requirements: it had the number of bedrooms, open living space and updated kitchen they wanted.  However, the minute they saw the home they considered not even going in as the curb appeal, or lack of curb appeal, was glaring.  The grass was brown and bare in most areas, the picket fence would have been a plus had it been painted and repaired in places, and the overgrown shrubs blocked the nice windows that would have given the home some much needed light.  You get the picture.  If buyers don’t like the outside, they assume they won’t like the inside.  Last time I checked, the house still hadn’t sold and no offers have been submitted.  Curb appeal is everything.

This summer, take advantage of our warm weather and dress up your home to sell! It’s not going to make any difference if you clean up and prepare the inside, yet ignore the outside.  Here is what needs to be done at a minimum regarding curb appeal to sell your home this summer and for top dollar:

1.  Mow, fertilize, weed, trim and cover up the dead spots!

To get the most money for your home, your yard needs to be well maintained.  This may mean that you need to mow the grass twice a week during the summer months, or weed daily, but when selling your home these are jobs that will pay off in the long run.   And remember, it doesn’t matter how great your home is if buyers can’t see it, so cut back all overgrown bushes, shrubs and trees.  And remember, mulch is great for flower beds and surrounding trees as it pulls a yard together to give it a professional look.

2.  Update hardware, lights and mailbox!

Nothing can age a home more than outdated hardware or beat up mailboxes.  Change the older locks and door handle, replace dusty and brass/gold light fixtures and address numbers, and install a new mailbox, but avoid anything too cutesy.  Remember, simple and clean is all you need.

3.  Flowers!

What is summer without flowers?  Finally, after months of seeing brown, buyers want to see colours! Find attractive pots and plant seasonal flowers and don’t forget borders! Don’t plant seed, as you want instant colour.  Many clients buy beautiful hanging plants and simply place inside decorative pots for a terrific and easy make-over.

4. Powerwash:

images-12Powerwashing your home and garage doors is mandatory after our long, harsh winters, particularly after the one we had this year.  A home was recently on the market for several months and had fairly good curb appeal but the garage doors were filthy.  I never understood why the sellers simply didn’t take a day to clean and scrub them from the very beginning. Suddenly, one day, I noticed that they were spotless and literally two weeks later the home sold.  Can you imagine the look on a buyer’s eyes when they pull up to see the garage or front doors covered in dirt and grime?

All of these tips have been mentioned before, but as the busy summer season is well underway, it’s surprising how many homes ignore the obvious:  curb appeal can sell  your home and give you top dollar.  Don’t ignore this very simple and affordable way to separate your home from the competition.  Make your home stand out and make buyers want to come back.

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