The Beauty of Smaller Windsor Houses

Posted in Buyer Blog | 31/07/2012

Windsor Houses

Windsor Houses

Windsor houses on the market today vary in all shapes and sizes.  If you want a larger home, there are some great homes on the market.  If you are thinking of downsizing, then we feel you will enjoy the positives of owning a small home.

Many buyers feel that going from a large family home to a smaller home is a huge transition that can be emotionally difficult.  While this may be true for some buyers, for others, it is a sigh of relief and a welcome change in their lifestyle.  Here are why some buyers are thrilled with their choice to downsize:

1.  Cost Less:  This is what we hear the most.  Imagine the pleasure of having extra money because utility bills are cheaper. The costs to heat and cool a large home as compared to a smaller one are often significant.  What would you do with the extra money?  Travel?  Go out more? Buy some new furniture?

2.  Free Time:  Smaller homes allow you to live more simply.  With less space, you don’t need all of the personal items you thought were always necessary.  Buyers always mention that unloading items which had not used in years was a big sigh of relief.  Do you have a garage full of tools that haven’t been touched in months?  What about rooms full of furniture that are rarely used?  Living in smaller Windsor houses allows you to decide what to keep, sell or donate.  Also, maintaining a smaller home doesn’t require your entire weekends.  It’s a win-win.

3.  More Expensive Upgrades:  If decorating a new home is something you want to do, then quality upgrades can cost less in smaller homes.  If you want granite countertops, a kitchen with less space can make this more affordable.  Hardwood floors?  It’s much less expensive installing these features in a 1800 square foot home than one that is 3,000 square feet.

4.  Smaller Homes Are Easier To Sell:  Buyers today are looking at smaller Windsor houses for many of the reasons above.  They are more affordable, cost less, require less time to maintain and buyers feel smaller homes will always be appealing with a range of buyers, from first time homeowners to baby boomers.

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