The Best Housewarming Gifts By Windsor Realty

Posted in General Blog | 26/07/2012

Windsor Realty

Windsor Realty

At Windsor Realty, we often see first time homebuyers who have scrimped and saved to purchase their first home, often left with little to purchase household items because of depleting funds.  We have come up with some ideas that make excellent housewarming gifts for those who might be financially challenged for a while.

1.  Spices:  Many spices are not cheap, and this is an excellent gift for those that especially love to cook.  Include a spice rack and some quality spices and this is a gift that is greatly appreciated.

2.  BBQ Grill:  It doesn’t have to be expensive, even a little patio grill is a wonderful gift for those first time buyers who want to throw a party in their new home.  Add a few tools and it’s a gift that will be used often.

3.  Home Magazine Subscriptions:  Buyers often want to redecorate as soon as possible, but have no idea how to go about it, or need some ideas to inspire them.  Giving a magazine subscription like Architectural Digest, Traditional Home or others is always a popular and clever gift.  In fact, this inexpensive present is always one of the most appreciated, as it’s a gift that keeps on giving every month!

4. Bath Towels:  Rarely does a first time homebuyer have sufficient and quality towels.  Include kitchen towels as well. There is something to be said about new towels for a new home.  Consider neutral colors for those homes where you are unsure of the color scheme.

5.  Basic Toolbox Kit:  As previously suggested in a prior article, we at Windsor Realty find that this is what homebuyers often need the most when purchasing their home.  From hanging pictures, to measuring rooms, a toolbox with the most common tools will be used over and over again.

6.  Gift Card To Local Grocery Store:  The first trip to a grocery store can be very expensive to a first time homeowner.  By giving them a gift card in any amount, it will help take the sting out of the total of the first bill.

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