The Best Kept Secrets For Selling Your Windsor Ontario Home

Posted in General Blog | 20/10/2014

Windsor Ontario Home

Windsor Ontario Home

Selling your Windsor Ontario home should not be stressful when you follow these all important tips.  The key however, before you even meet with a real estate agent, is to emotionally separate yourself from your home and prepare it for the next family so they will fall in love with it and want to make an offer.  Leaving a home is not easy, and sellers will often argue about every little thing the buyer requests, but in order for a successful sale, both parties must walk away happy.  Here’s how to do this:


Yes, I capitalized that because it is the number one rule in selling your home quickly.  If you over price a home, and I have said this countless of times to my clients and on this site, it won’t sell. The longer a home sits on the market, the less interest it will get and the price will need to be lowered anyway. Coming up with the right price takes research and work, but hiring an experienced real estate agent who knows your neighbourhood is a great way to start.

2.  Create storage!

Even if you have a home where there isn’t much storage, you can easily create it.  Take half of the stuff out of closets and cabinets, clean out garage and store what you want to keep and sell or donate the rest.  Buyers snoop, and they will carefully examine every inch of storage space.  Be prepared.

3.  Lighten up!

Now that it is spring, buyers are tired of seeing dark, winter colours.  So make sure there is plenty of light, blinds are open, windows are washed, the lampshades are changed, bushes blocking the windows are cut back and increase the wattage in your light bulbs.  Do what you can to make your house bright and cheery without cluttering.  Buyers don’t want nor need to see “springy” decorations in your home, but rather a home that looks cheery and clean.

4.  Temporarily say bye to pets!  

I have written several posts on this, and it often gets me in trouble, but buyers don’t want to see your pets no matter how cute and desirable they are.  They also don’t want to see evidence of your dog, cat or other critter, but stepping over a bowl of dog food or smelling a kitty litter box.  For some buyers, this creates an illusion of an unclean house, for others, allergies are a big problem.  If possible, ask a friend or family member to keep your pet while your home is on the market or, at the very least, make arrangements for them to be out of the house during a showing.

5.  Hire the right agent!

A sale killer is hiring the wrong agent.  If you hire an agent that doesn’t know your neighbourhood, doesn’t make themself available, inexperienced and disorganized, you can  find your home sitting on the market.  You also want to hire an agent that embraces technology and social media, since 90 percent of all buyers start their home search on the Internet.  Make sure your agent knows your target buyer and a marketing plan is created.

6.  Never turn down a showing!

Not too long ago I called a client and told her that I had a buyer who was in town one day and wanted to see their home.  It was the worst possible day for her as she had two sick children at home and she was exhausted.  Nonetheless, she did a quick clean up, packed up her children and left.  She had an offer the next day which she immediately accepted.  Inconvient showings happen all of the time, but it is often these appointments that create sales.  It’s also imperative that sellers don’t insist on “appointment” only showings and today’s buyers look at homes at all hours of the day, every day.

7.  The first impression is the only impression!

images-9Buyers already have an impression of your home before they walk in the front door.  If a buyer likes what they see on the outside, they are enthusiastic about what they will find inside.  If they don’t like the outside, they may simply drive away without ever getting out of the car.  Fair?  No, because there are homes that have outstanding interiors. But it proves the point that “curb appeal” is critical. Buyers want to be wowed the second they pull up to your driveway.  Make sure the yard is well-kept, the driveways and paths are cleared, seasonal flowers are planted in beds and pots, weeds are pulled and the home overall looks inviting.


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