The Best Tips From Windsor Realtors:

Posted in Buyer Blog | 31/07/2012

Windsor Realtors

It’s the last day of the month, and Windsor realtors are very busy showing anxious buyers homes who want to close on a house quickly.  With school right around the corner, or new job relocation, buyers are feeling the pressure of finding a home quickly.

Therefore, let us sum up this month with some of the best tips we can offer those buyers who want to buy a home quickly.  Whether it be this summer, or before the holidays, by following these suggestions, you can cut your time in half and be in your home before you know it.

1.  Hire a professional real estate agent:  Now is not that time to find an inexperienced agent if you want to move quickly.  Find someone you is accessible, answers their phone and returns messages in a timely manner.  As a buyer, you will have questions throughout the process, so make sure your agent understands the market and the neighborhood.

2.  Get pre-approved.  A letter from your mortgage company stating that you are preapproved can work wonders.  Sellers usually take these bids more seriously because they know a buyer is prepared.

3.  Don’t look at every home in your price range:  It’s too easy to get confused and overwhelmed with all of the homes on the market. As Windsor Realtors, we suggest you have a “must have” list and allow us to help you narrow the field.

4.  Be open:  Let your agent show you homes that you may not consider, but they believe you will appreciate.

5.  Submit your highest and best offer.  If you love a home, love the neighborhood and you can’t imagine living anywhere else, then by all means, don’t waste precious time going back and forth in the negotiating bid. Work with your Windsor realtors to submit an offer you can be happy with.

6. Finally, don’t get emotional. Yes, this is often easier said than done, but keep in mind that if a home does not work out, there are lots more.  Don’t feel the pressure to make an offer just because you want to move.  Don’t overextend your budget and be realistic about your price.

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