The Big Home Staging Don’ts For Your Windsor Home

Posted in Selling Blog | 04/08/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

When selling your Windsor home the best advice I can give is to keep it simple.  When you are expecting buyers to walk through your home, you want the house to show itself.  But oftentimes, buyers will go all out and sometimes that can backfire.  Here is what you should avoid when you prepare your home for a showing:

1. Make Your Home Smell Like A Candle Factory:  Too often, sellers will create such an overpowering fragrant home, that buyers simply want to walk away.  Too much of vanilla candles, or a lemon cleanser can distract a buyer.  And never spray perfume around a house before you leave.  You would be surprised at how many times buyers have walked into a home and you would think you are at a department store perfume counter.  Some buyers are allergic or have sensitivity to fragrances so keep that in mind.

2.  Leave Your Private Papers Out:  If you leave your mail out, a shopping list or worse yet, a home repair list on your fridge, then chances are your buyers will take note.  Make sure all documents are stored carefully away from prying eyes.

3.  De-cluttering Your Home By Throwing Items In Closets.  Out of sight out of mind right?  Not when you have buyers that will look into closets to check storage space.  Well before you put your Windsor home on the market, organize your closet to show ample space.

4.  Forget Yard Work.  When selling homes during the summer, it’s often necessary to mow your grass twice a week.  Yes, it’s not fun, but the first thing a buyer sees is your front yard.  Create a valuable first impression by making sure your yard is in excellent shape.

5.  Leave Rover At Home:  It goes without saying: Owners think their dog is the best dog in the world and everyone should love Rover!  But buyers don’t love your dog.  They don’t want Rover to jump on them, give them kisses and follow them everywhere while they look at your home.  Send your pet to a friend’s home or a doggie day care.  Again, your dog is not the exception!

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