The Key To Selling Any Windsor Home Is Marketing!

Posted in General Blog | 22/05/2013

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

Without a doubt, the way to sell a Windsor home is through proper marketing.  The Internet is one of the best things that has happened to the real estate industry.  Ninety percent of home buyers today start their home search online and the result of this means more and more buyers have access to your home.

So needless to say, making sure your home is positioned correctly should be your realtor’s number one concern.  First, I would like to review what words or phrases should be avoided when selling a home.  Again, you want to grab the buyer so they will put your home on their short list.  This is not to imply that you are misleading a buyer, but rather you are not giving them the wrong impression.

When I advertise a home for sell, I avoid using negative words.  For example, don’t say:

Small or tiny:  There is no buyer that wants a “small” or “tiny” house or room.

Outdated:  Would you buy an outdated article of clothing to wear at a special event?  “Outdated” means your home needs work.

Oversized:  Again, this implies that your home is the largest in the neighbourhood and most buyers don’t want that.  Oversized can also mean, overpriced.  There is no reason to give the buyer a wrong impression.

Potential:  This means to a buyer that a home is clearly a fixer upper and again, needs lots of work.  The vast majority of buyers are looking for homes that are move-in ready.

Decorating Allowance:  This is not a fact you would advertise as buyers will simply turn away.

Appliance Credit:  Once again, buyers will automatically assume that the home is outdated and the kitchen needs lots of work.  If the appliances are outdated, a buyer assumes the rest of the home needs improvements as well.

Roof credit:  Why advertise right away that the roof needs work?  There may be so many other wonderful things to say about your home, but the first impression to a potential buyer is that you have a home that needs an expensive roof job.  Repair what you can and get a roof certification.  This is much more attractive to a buyer.

On bus line:  While being close to public transportation is good to most buyers who live in the city, when you say “on the bus line,” you are giving the impression, however wrong it may be, that the noise, fumes, and people waiting for the bus are right outside your front door.

Basement Unit:  These type of condos are hard to sell.

Up and coming neighbourhood:  This means that this area is sketchy.  It also implies that there is probably crime, vacant buildings, commercial properties and lack of shopping and entertainment.  Many buyers don’t like to buy in these type of neighbourhoods if there is uncertainty the area will improve.

images-25Motivated seller:  This means you are desperate and there are plenty of people who will take advantage of that.  An alternative:  “all offers will be considered.”

So what words work when trying to sell a home?

Turn key:  Again, buyers want move-in ready homes.

Beautiful:  Who doesn’t want a home that is considered beautiful?

Open layout:  Buyers today want an open layout, where the kitchen and living area are entwined.  If you have such a home, then by all means, promote!

Great neighbourhood and schools!:  All buyers, whether they have children or not, want to live in a fabulous area near excellent schools.  These homes sell faster and usually at top dollar.  It’s a great investment.

Entertainer’s Delight:  Buyers also like homes where they can feel comfortable entertaining.

Professionally landscaped:  Buyers like a home that has been professionally landscaped as it means they won’t need to put in a yard or make little changes.  If you have a backyard paradise, with a well-maintained deck, or other special features, don’t forget to highlight that as well.

Private Master Suite:  A master bedroom that is nicely situated and offering lots of comfort, including privacy, are big plusses to buyers.

So if you had to write about your home, what would you say?  These are words buyers want to hear.  So if your home has these features, by all means promote, promote, promote!  And make sure your realtor is on board:

  • Beautiful views
  • Fabulous location
  • Charming cottage
  • Amazing remodel
  • Great water views
  • Entertainer’s paradise
  • Highly sought after neighbourhood
  • Award winning schools
  • Terrific outdoor living space
  • Stunning city views

Finally, don’t forget to promote through social media.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest can expose your home to a wide variety of buyers.  And certainly, don’t forget about YouTube by offering a virtual tour.  It’s the best thing you can do to sell your home quickly.


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