The Right Way To Sell A Small Windsor Home

Posted in General Blog | 01/09/2012

Windsor Home

Windsor Home

Selling a smaller Windsor home?  The good news is that the majority of buyers may want to look through your property.  Smaller homes are popular again as buyers are shying away from the larger, more expensive properties that were so admired several years ago.  Cozy seems to be the emphasis rather than massive.

However, there is a big difference between buying a small home and a cramped home.  Buyers want smaller homes that look spacious and have an easy flow from room to room.  If a room is stuffed to the brim with oversized furniture, too many personal belongings and dark paint colors that further highlight a Windsor home’s small quarters, then buyers will often head to the next home on their list.

So what is the right way to sell your small Windsor home?

1.  A room looks larger with less furniture. Take out the excess and move the furniture around to highlight the small room’s positive features.  Don’t block the windows and allow as much light as possible to come in.

2.  Paint!  Use light, neutral colors and pick only a few complimentary paintings for your wall.  If your kitchen is small and you have dark cabinets, consider painting them a light color and updating your hardware.

3.  Clean!  A small house that is unkempt is easily recognized the minute a buyer walks through the front door.  Odors travel in a small home, so make sure that your home is not only spotless, but smells pleasant as well.

Many smaller homes, particularly older ones, have charm and character that so few newer homes have.  Talk with your real estate agent about how to direct buyer traffic to your Windsor home that focuses on all of the plusses your home offers.  If you have molding or hardwood floors, or maybe built in china cabinets, make sure that your marketing efforts support these extras that so many buyers are looking for.

Finally, price your Windsor home accordingly.  If it is priced too high, you simply won’t get the buyers you want.  But by pricing competitively, there is an excellent chance your home won’t be on the market for long.

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